Dec 11, 2016


                                                         INTO SHADOWS
                                                     6x6 oil on wood panel

I  stopped on this path and looked at was just ahead.  The forest of trees became thick, the trees got taller.  I wouldn't swear to it, but I think things got quieter. I felt myself being pulled forward.   I listened to the quiet and slowly sounds of streams and birds filled the air. I smiled as I disappeared into shadows. 

Dec 9, 2016


                                                           SOUND of SILENCE
                                                          6x6" oil on wood panel

We walked for some time talking about this and that and without realizing, we began to speak softly, soon we stopped all together, words where not necessary nor did we want to disturb all that surrounded us; The gurgling of the streams, the songs of the birds, rustling of the fall leaves was all that was needed for the sound of silence.    (SOLD)

Dec 8, 2016


                                                       6X6 oil on wood panel

The late afternoon sun was going down, the air was getting chilly.  I bent down to feel the cool waters and was struck by the sheer beauty and stillness.  Two birds glided lazily in the silence of what seemed a never ending flight.  It was time for me to say goodby.

Dec 7, 2016


                                                       6x6 oil on wood panel

Ever so quietly I moved close to get a better look and this most beautiful of little mallard's that so innocently swam on by.     

Dec 1, 2016


                                                         6x6 oil on wood panel

Standing on the wooden walkway crossing the stream, I peered down into the cool water rippling by and the gathering of fallen leaves.  The soft sounds of the water tumbling mixed with all the songs of birds made for a perfect time to stop and dream.

Nov 30, 2016


                                                  6X6inch oil on wood panel

It was mid-afternoon and I was on a walk with my son and his daughter, (my grandchild]. It was a time to be quiet and listen to the sounds of this most magical place.  There was so much to see that I felt I couldn't get enough to fill my eyes and mind.  There where things for me to paint with every turn of my head.  So much beauty I thought, "I will run out of time."  Better get busy and paint.... Here's the start of many more to come.

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Sep 21, 2016


                                                              DARK SKIES
                                                            6X6 oil on panel

Continuing my trip up North I was hoping to get to a motel or hotel before the sky opens up dumps.  Pulling off on the side of the road I got out of my car taking in the beauty that surrounded me before the dark skies take over and the rains begin. 

Sep 20, 2016


                                                             6X6 oil on panel

It was up north on a cloudy weekend when I spotted this meadow of deep burnt umber's mixed with golden shades. All supporting a gathering of rumbling clouds and the approach of rains  to come.  Yet unfazed, the grazing went on without a care, I thought to myself, could I do that, could I be unfazed by what might be approaching.     (SOLD)

Sep 1, 2016


                                                            6X6" oil on panel

Heading south trying to catch the sun as it slowly sinks behind the clouds and eventually giving way to night my mind drifts to all that has taken place.   Like the setting sun and the beginning of the new day that will fallow, I too look forward to new beginnings as well, I do indeed

Aug 22, 2016


                                                        BRACKISH WATERS
                                                          6x6" oil on panel

The sun was setting as I raced to find parking in order to find parking and walk down to the water.  This place is back-bay in Newport Beach with up scale homes that surround this most beautiful place.  I had to sneak in just to get the shot.  There is a price to see beauty, a price to see brackish water.  

Aug 18, 2016


                                                             "THE PARK"
                                                          6x6 oil on panel

It was a clear and cool sunny day.  The bus had just pulled away from the curb throwing up dust and fallen leaves that swirled around my lags.  I turned and looked at this endless field of green and my heart skipped a beat.   I was eight years old when I stepped off that bus and it was my first day in this magical place.  My mothers hand reached for mine as she smiled down with warmth and safety, she said, "come on! lets go to the park"  Many years later I wrote a short story about this and, from time to time I read it to myself with found  flashbacks.... So today!...  I remembered, and painted when I was just a boy. 

Aug 16, 2016


                                                              "PARTY LINE"
                                                           6X6" oil on panel

At one time way before tweeting, texting, deleting, Instagram, streaming, blogging and, and, and.... There were "telephones", some with long tangled wires, some had, if you got fancy the curly wire at the end of your receiver that one had to wipe down from sticky hands.  
Well! at that time, while talking on your "telephone" you would realize you where not alone... It was the age of saying to a total stranger, "Sorry", "Can you hang up now!" or "I was talking first".   Ah Yes!... The "Party Line".    


                                                                "FIRST DAY"
                                                             6X6 oil on panel

It was early morning and still dark and yet! like clockwork, one can hear the school bus rumbling somewhere in the neighborhood.   It was the signal of the end of summer and the beginning of a school year.   There were going to be new friends, teachers, games and a new beginning to that very first day.   

Aug 8, 2016


                                                      HELLO EVENING
                                                       6X6 oil on panel

With evening approaching and a day field with lunch with friends, post-office, looking in on a few galleries, banking.... I know what your thinking... This guy is busy... But the truth is... I was just heading back into Laguna and took this shot and said to self.. #PaintThis

Aug 7, 2016


                                                           6x6 oil on panel

With the sun setting on the boundary waters a quiet fell over the lands.  After a time, new sounds came into play, frogs, owls, crickets, buzz of mosquitoes the scurrying of small night life all adding to the music of the night.  It was time to set up camp, make some hot coffee and dream.

Aug 5, 2016


                                                         6x6 oil on panel

Everything. seemed so calm, there was still, the water's moved slowly past... Then!, I heard the sound of thunder far off.  Looking in that direction I saw the lighting, a light breeze came up at first fallowed by a light rains.   Moments later the blackbirds took flight signaling to do the same and make a quick exit.  

Aug 3, 2016


Newer version, I warmed the sky and dropped that same pink into the lower corners adding to the overall feeling.  

                                                             6X6 oil on panel

I had been walking for sometime, gingerly being careful not to disturb the underbrush or step on a new seedling that might one day become...   The air was still, soft sounds of unseen birds called out musical notes.   Well, on this very fine day I stumbled out from the underbrush on to this most delicate of ponds.  I found myself slowing down my movement not to brake the silence.   Stopping my walk, I sat down letting the hush fall on me like a soft blanket.

Aug 1, 2016


                                                      A QUIET MEADOW
                                                        6X6 oil on panel

For me, I needed to just get away from the noise, people, sights and sounds of it all.  I have been in an amazing art show with great artists that I can talk with about what it is like to do what we do.  I play a card game with two wonderful artists and another I get to jab humor with along with great texting back and forth with.  But I still wanted to find a place to just get into me, so after a long hike I found a perfect little spot.  My very own quiet meadow to lie-down in and dream.

Jul 26, 2016


                                                         6x6 oil on panel

With the evening approaching the sky  bathed everything with a soft pinkish glow.  I found myself a place to eat, grabbed a room and settled in.  


                                                       6X6 oil on panel

Not sure of how much further I could go, I pulled I finely found a motel and was just able to park and check-in.  With the trip coming to a stop I turned to look out of the lobby window I thought, "WOW!" I'm without a doubt "Snowbound"

Jun 19, 2016


                                                           6X6" oil on panel

A place in Oregon called Bend.  This photo was sent to me just days ago and I thought, I'm going to paint this.   Knowing the person that sent it and the scene,   Felling a correlation between the two it was an easy decision to make it work..

This will be at the Festival of Arts this summer in Laguna Beach,CA    

Jun 18, 2016


                                                                SOUNDS OF SILENCE
                                                        6x6 oil on panel

It was still early as the sun peeked through the trees.  My fishing buddy, a master bass fishermen guided his bass boat quietly and smoothly along.  It was mornings like this that we barely spoke a word.   Talking seemed out of place so we would look at one another and smile in agreement at the beauty that was all around us.  We became part of the sound of silence.

This painting will be at this summers Festival of arts in Laguna Beach CA

Jun 11, 2016


                                                              LATE NIGHT
                                                          6x6" oil on canvas

A late night down some side street in Minnesota after an evening with my son and hopping from micro brewery to brewery.   I had just stopped laughing at something he said when he drove past this T-Bird slow enough for me to take a shot with my trusty iPhone.. Got it! And another painting. 

This will be at the Festival of Arts and this summers show

Jun 8, 2016


                                                        ETHEREAL MOMENT
                                                           6x6" oil on panel

I had to return, I needed to be here, how could I not revisit this place of magic.  I'm not sure how long I just stood watching the shadows move across the ground, behind the trees and past and through me.   Time stopped and it was truly welcoming as I did not want this ethereal moment to end.  (SOLD)

This painting will be at this summers Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA

Jun 7, 2016


                                                       6X6inch oil on panel

With the weather warming and no rain insight it was easy to just float along, feel the rhythm of each wave and let my mind slowly dissolve into what became an endless day.

This painting will be at this summers Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA.  (SOLD)

Jun 3, 2016


                                                           SOFT CLOUDS 
                                                           6x6 oil on panel

It was such a wonderfully clear day, so I had to get out and just walk.  The weather was perfect, I had water and a protein bar and I journeyed out. I was about an hour into the walk when I heard distant rumblings.  Looking up when I got to a clearing I could see big beautiful clouds coming in.   I'm thinking, its time to head on out of here.  I looked back and the hills and mountains as the cloud cover rolled over them like a soft white blanket.  It rained all day. 

This and other works can be seen at this summers Festival of Art

Jun 2, 2016


                                                            QUIET TALK
                                                         6X6 oil on panel

A light rain began.  We walked for sometime in the cool air, we took our time for there was no rush.  We reminisced and giggled at the silly things we did.  Would we have done it differently, probably not.  We walked what seemed forever not wanting it to end, after all, it was just an innocent quiet talk anyways. (SOLD)

May 29, 2016


                                                         MORNING GLARE
                                                            6X6 oil on panel

 Still blurred eyed from the night before I made my way to my car.  The sun was casting a painful glare as I worked on remembering how to get back home after a fun night of food, wine and friends.  So I flipped my shades on and headed South to the 405.    L.A is crazy but that's why I love it.  (SOLD)

This is for this summers show at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.

May 25, 2016


                                                       FRANK'S LIQUOR
                                                         6x6 oil on panel

So, around 2am my are eyes open and I'm wide awake.  I walk over to the the fridge and it's empty, of course what else would it be.  See, I was just passing through this little town and thought I would stop at the first hotel and get some shut eye, but now I'm wide awake and  thinking,  a little nightcap would work.   I mosey over to the window and look out onto a darkened street and the one place that's open is "Frank's", lucky me!

This will be in this summers Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA 

May 24, 2016


                                                            CLOUD COVER
                                                                    6X6 oil

Loving the city as I do this was a no brainier to want to paint.  It is a culmination of several photos all introduced to each other to make one painting.  Like meeting new people to make a party, all have to get along and complement one another.   I am posting this framed as most of my small works will be for this years summer Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA.   
For info purchasing this or any of my works   

May 15, 2016


                                                          "the getaway"
                                                         6x6 oil on panel

So, I'm out and about looking for that moment that I can say, “YES” that’s what I want to paint.  Well, talk about timing, there it was, the subject I love to paint, an “Airstream”.  What could be better?  I could hear talking and the sound of some good jazz coming from it.  Just then a young couple stepped out and waved a friendly hello.  There were introductions all the way around, a hot cup of coffee and a mix of good conversation.  I found out this was their “getaway”, how perfect is that? I met nice people, got the photo for the next painting and the title all in one place.     (SOLD)

Another for the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA this summer

May 13, 2016


                                                     "PROPERTY LINE"
                                                       6x6" oil on panel

I had just turned the corner with my mind swirling with ideas of things to paint.  The snow had not melted from the night before and the morning sun was just showing its colors, illuminating the trees.  This is what I wanted to see.  One click with my iPhone and a new painting will soon make its way to reality.     

May 12, 2016


                                                         "LIGHT SHOW"
                                                              10X10 oil

With evening quickly approaching, I was able see city lights come on, slowly at first then more and more made there entrance.  Adding to this show, both the clouds and tips of the hills caught the last rays of sunlight that danced and shimmered across their surface thus ending another great and outstanding performance.   I have tickets for tomorrows show, I hear it will be just as good as this one.  

This will be seen at the  Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach this summer

May 11, 2016


                                                             40x20 oil

Standing off to the side of the road I could hear this rumbling sound that sounded like thunder and with each passing minute it was getting closer.  Looking around, I could not tell in which direction the sound was coming from.  Then, with a deep throaty groan I saw it and like a mighty dragon hugging the very ground it moved on, it showed all, who had the undisputed right of way.  

This will be at this summers Laguna Festival of the Arts

May 1, 2016


                                                        "L.A. DRIZZLE"
                                                             24x24 oil

My continued fascination with what happens to light when out of focus has become a  wonderful dance when I am painting it...  First, I must understand what makes the blur, then how to paint it and still keep some semblance of recognition of subjects.  Truly a joy to pull off.   Then, just to make it look even more blurry, I paint crystal clear rain drops in-front of all,  accentuating the abstraction of light even further...    

Apr 21, 2016


                                                       "MICKEY'S DELI"
                                                       6x6 oil on panel

I think sometimes the best places to eat is in little dive's.  Some have great personality and most have been in their same location for years.  All have the same red vinyl seats and counters so one can watch the cook slap down a burger, onions and bun.  Then comes the fries and that oh so familiar smell of used oil.  You watch the cook shake the basket of fries with one hand, flip the burger with the other, like a well choreographed dance from a pro.  It's at this point you know you are home, waiting with great anticipation for a mouth watering treat.

This will be at this summers Laguna art Festival, for all other inquires Email me At:  

Apr 4, 2016


                                                         6X6 oil on panel

The train tracks are now silent but once they supported people and this meant goods, feed, clothing, jobs, families, schools, and store’s.... life! Now they sit quietly over the never ending current of water rusting, except for the occasional tagger giving it a sense of time if one stops long enough to look.

This painting along with other works by will be at the Festival of arts in Laguna Beach CA this summer.  For info: 

Mar 31, 2016


                                                          "A TRAVELER"
                                                          6x6 oil on panel

I stood and felt the warmth of the setting sun on my back.  The grove of trees lie ahead and from where I was standing couldn't see much further.  Like my life, I wondered what was beyond.  I knew both are parallel to each other and in time, all will be revealed, but for now; it is a conundrum.  After all… I am only a traveler.  (SOLD)

for further questions email me

Mar 13, 2016

"4TH ST."

                                                    "4TH ST. SALOON"
                                                    24x24 oil on canvas

Last winter, while in Minnesota, my son took me to some great breweries and I had some of the best beers I have had... So cruising around I spot this that I had to photograph and paint.   Stopping here and there, tasting along the way was a wonderful opportunity.  So for now I post this snapshot of a moment and in time I will know if I am finished.
He uses a lot of these for his #justaddbeerbread Amazing bread. 

Feb 22, 2016


                                                       oil on canvas 24x24

There was that time when life seamed so innocent.  I bike ride to no place in particular by ones self, sleep underneath tall eucalyptus without a care and watch clouds meandering overhead.   Even the possibility of rain, who cares!  It was a La Dee DA time, wasn't it?   Tell me it was.
 This is what I wanted to capture.  I wanted to feel innocent again even for a moment.

This will be in this summers show in Laguna Beach CA

Feb 15, 2016


                                                           "THE JOURNEY"
                                                         24X24 oil on canvas

There comes that time when one has to see what is down that road.  It is hard to say no to that calling.  Leaving can be a challenge but, with blue skies ahead and endless possibilities, the moment has come to say goodbye to the old and say hello to a new journey.  In painting this, I too went on a journey.  I wanted to express the vastness of life, the scale of the boy to the barn and the lands before him. It took a long time for me to feel what I wanted to convey, and like the boy, I ventured out and feel I have achieved  that goal.   

This painting is available and will be at this summers Laguna Beach Festival of Arts in Southern California. 

Jan 25, 2016


                                                  "TANGERINE SUNSET"
                                                    10X10"  oil on canvas

With so many sunsets to choose from to paint, I came across this photograph I had taken when there was still film.   Not knowing how long ago I took this I thought "why not paint it"? In seeing the coloring of the photo, there was a feeling of nostalgia and simpler times or so it seemed.  We speed through a year, text for talking, stop remembering phone numbers for its all in the iCloud... I'm glad I paint for I get to step back in those moments and reside there for a time.   So now I'll post this, put it on Facebook, web-site, email back comments and check my iPhone for any up-dates.   Yes! I'm a tech junkie when not painting, lucky me.
For inquiries of purchasing, 

Jan 22, 2016


                                                           "ALLEY CATS"
                                                          6x6" oil on panel

Those late night misty wet evening, strolling down, distant sounds. voices somewhere, someone is cooking, T.Vs. talking, walking with you and your thoughts and those alley cats,
yeah! those alley cats.  (SOLD)