Apr 29, 2010


To go to the movies in the afternoon is like cheating on a test in school... The memories flood back on those times when you ditch class and catch a movie. You can taste the popcorn even before you get to the theater... I wonder what the cartoon is going to be, whats the news for today...?  The curtains close, then open... ssshh! the movie is starting. 8x6'oil on Birch wood pre-mounted on a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

Another quick video for a time..GUMMY BEARSNew Project

Apr 28, 2010


One not just sees this beast running down the tracks but the vibration that goes through your body with a sound of pure command of determination... Love it...6x6" oil on Birch wood mounted on a varnished wooden box: (Sold)
Click on movie and enjoy

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Apr 19, 2010


Always playing with light and the subtlety's of what happens has such a great fascination that at times it is irresistible not to paint. I become mesmerized by what goes with shadows and the coloring. So I thought I would not only paint this but do a mini movie.. Enjoy. The painting is a 6x6 oil on Birch panel that is mounted on a varnished wooden box: (Sold)

music on video is by my good buddy sammy joe and his CD: "First Flight"
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Apr 16, 2010


I entered the office and signed in.  As I turned to sit I spotted her, she was dressed to kill. I took a seat, picked up a magazine and pretended to read but couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her gaze never left the window.  After a time a door opened to my right and a soft voice called out into the waiting room… “Ms Greenfield” she stood up and with grace glided across the floor.  Passing me she nodded, I smiled; she was wearing “Gardenia” probably my favorite perfume. I sat for a few minutes then the receptionist called out to me, she told me this and that with politeness, I thanked her nodding my head up and down showing I understood. Turning to leave I stopped to looked out the window, smiling to myself I thought, oh well, it was a nice encounter anyway. Oil on 8x6 Birch paneling, mounted on a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

Apr 9, 2010


Yes! I am posting this again.. I did some changes, like added to people behind the bus and across the street over there, two more, punched up the motel sign, and repainted the sky... Other then that, its the same painting... : )
Laguna Beach bus stop and just one of those late nights.  I want this painting to have the  feeling that this is the last bus out of town.   Yes!  I took liberties in doing this painting, but I can I'm the artist.  8x6" oil on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing is needed:  (SOLD)

Apr 8, 2010


Just another way for me to talk about the sky without in-your-face statement... I wanted a feeling about a place, a time, maybe even a memory;  It was working out all the elements plus the coloring of everything in making up the total painting, like a puzzle, all had to fit in.. This is a 6x6" oil on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box  (SOLD)

Apr 7, 2010

"A reworked painting"

This is a painting I did about two months back but added some stuff that for me and hopefully you made a big difference to the overall feeling of the work. Check-it-out at "Laguna 2010" (Sold)

Apr 3, 2010


A little of this a little of that and this painting came to be.  Shapes, colors, light, dark and mood is what this is about.  Nothing heavy such as industry, global warming, just a painting, sure we can get into all kinds of stuff but the truth is, this color blue I love & I like full moons, throw in some color and there you have it, a 6x6" oil on Birch panel on a varnished wooden box: (Sold)