Mar 29, 2008



Not much more I can say about this place, some have been there and others might go. I was there last year and my publicist wanted me to paint some scenes based on this location. This was enjoyable trying to capture the light that blared at me through the trees. ( A 6"x 8" oil on archival clay board, no framing is needed)

Mar 28, 2008



This is a painting that kept eluding me for over a year. I painted this half-a-dozen times and never liked the outcome..... Well I'm here to say "I like it" Now at some point I will commit this to canvas. The challenge was the shades of greens and the underneath texture of the surface, this is painted on just the right amount of tooth giving me what I needed. The place is high above San Francisco in a area that gets lots of fog and due that rolls in and over these hills.
(This is a 6"x 6" oil on archival clay board, mounted so no framing is needed)

Mar 20, 2008


I painted this 6"x8" to see how I feel about doing a 40" x20" canvas. Well I really enjoyed the outcome and I'm looking forward to the larger version that I'll post this week. I named it Rumbling because you can feel the ground tremble way before you see this coming. There is a real rush standing close to one of these baby's as it rumbles by. Oil on archival clay board mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box, no framing needed can yours. (SOLD)

Mar 18, 2008



Again I want to capture the feeling of space and these wonderful rumbling engines that crisscross the lands and most of the time go unnoticed. Here is a 6"x8" oil on archival clay board mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box so no framing is needed.

Mar 10, 2008


This wonderful theater is no more... It was a place I was able to go to and watch foreign films along with a wonderful diverse crowd of people with the same likes as mine. There was a wonderful grand staircase that went up to a beautiful balcony. There in the box office was a most charming lady that could tell you about the film. Then an old gentlemen took your ticket and directed you to the ornate doors that opened to the darkened theater where magic was going to play... I can still smell the popcorn after all this time... Some years back the owner left us and so it has been closed to this day. It is sad to see the fading and peeling paint, boarded up and empty show cases and locked doors. So I painted this to honor its glory days in the sun and my fond memories of a place no more. This is a 6"x 8" oil painted on a archival clay board that is mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box so no framing is needed.


"Buddy", a most perfect name for this cat... Buddy follows me around the house and talks to me. He tells me when he's hungry, he tells me when he wants to be up close when I'm painting, I then have to put a stool up to my easel so he can be waist high and inches from me, then he talks, purrs and goes to sleep... When I take a break and sit down to watch CNN, Buddy comes in and asked to get on my lap purring all the while, much looking into my face and talking, purring then goes fast-a-sleep.... Now interesting enough, when I am watching Discovery and there are animals Buddy gets off my lap and sits on a little stool I have in front of the screen and he will sit there for as long as the show is on looking left to right as zebra' run across the Serengeti, this is really funny to see... When on my Mac he has to be up near my arm so I can rest it on him, then it's happy time for Buddy.... As I'm typing this, he is partly on my key pad making it really easy to type.... My Buddy... I suppose if any of you have read this you have gathered that I really hate my cat, my Buddy. Just wanted to share and hopefully bring a smile to you to.

Mar 6, 2008

"THE B & B"


Just sitting in a corner of a train yard this mighty steel master waits its turn to rumble across the lands.. The sky was just about to open up an rain when I took this shot. 6"x 8" oil on archival clay board mounted so no faming is needed.

Mar 3, 2008

"ENGINE 6300"


Hopefully the next series of both my daily posts and canvases will be on trains. The dynamics of what they are and what they mean to us I want to see if I can capture these giants that crisscross our lands regardless of the country. This is a 6"x6" oil painting on gessoed archival clay board mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box with no framing needed.

Mar 1, 2008



I love the shapes that factories have against the skies. I played with the shadows in this and wanted the feeling of the day coming to an end. This is a 6"x8" oil on archival clay board the is mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box with no framing needed.