Mar 10, 2008


This wonderful theater is no more... It was a place I was able to go to and watch foreign films along with a wonderful diverse crowd of people with the same likes as mine. There was a wonderful grand staircase that went up to a beautiful balcony. There in the box office was a most charming lady that could tell you about the film. Then an old gentlemen took your ticket and directed you to the ornate doors that opened to the darkened theater where magic was going to play... I can still smell the popcorn after all this time... Some years back the owner left us and so it has been closed to this day. It is sad to see the fading and peeling paint, boarded up and empty show cases and locked doors. So I painted this to honor its glory days in the sun and my fond memories of a place no more. This is a 6"x 8" oil painted on a archival clay board that is mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box so no framing is needed.

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