May 28, 2017


                                                                LOVERS &FRIENDS
                                                           14X14 oil on canvas

It matters not as long as the friendship and love is real between the two.  How beautiful to see, and you know when you see it, you think to yourself "those two are in love." 

May 27, 2017



                                                                      no show

                                                               THREE MOODS
                                                      each is 6x6 oil on wood panel

Just some of the moods we feel and most of the time, don't express.  We don't want to bother, we don't want to talk, we don't want to reveal.  We smile, we joke, laugh, talk loud, we hide, and like umbrellas we hold close protecting us from the rains.   

May 25, 2017


                                                               6x6 oil on wood panel

This was on Sunday, altho it could have been any day of the week; this little skiff is always here, hanging out, going no-place, bobbin up and down rain or shin.  Paint fading and peeling tied to a buoy for who knows how long,  I wonder, would it be worth setting it afloat. 

May 24, 2017


                                                          10X10 oil on canvas

So I deiced to take this back road and see where it takes me.  I had about an hour of sun left, getting little low on gas, looks like rain and the gas station is closed; what ells might be in store for me on this fine day.... Wait! are those flashing lights behind me? 

May 18, 2017


                                                                   ON HIGH
                                                           6x6 oil on wood panel

With the evening approaching the clouds began to gather and build like a crescendo.  I had to stop and stare at a great play and its finally before everything turns to black. 

May 16, 2017


                                                           STANDING PROUD
                                                         6x6" oil on wood panel

Driving back from Cambria on Exit 29, a crazy and winding road, I rounded a corner and there, looming up over a hill was this barn.  Finding a place to stop, I jumped out of my van, camera in hand.  One shot was all that was needed of this beauty "standing proud".

May 14, 2017


                                                          MORNING BIRDS
                                                       6x6 oil on wood panel

It was early morning with the sun peeking over the clouds; life was stirring under roofs with coffee brewing, showers spraying, and people talking in whispers.  I on the other hand was on the road with what seemed the only life was the one car heading in my direction and the birds on the wire.   (SOLD)

May 13, 2017


                                                           SOFT FOCUS
                                                     6x6 oil on wood panel

With the sun just coming up and the air thick with fog the house appeared to float in a field mustard greens.  In the distance a ships horn called out, adding to this, the sound of gulls  squawking to each other along the coast made for a beginning of a new day.  I took one photo in this soft focus atmosphere and continued on my way with hope in my heart in anticipation of meeting her.    

May 11, 2017


                                                     6X6 oil on wood panel

Within the shadows of the trees the air was cool and quiet; I  stopped to enjoy, knowing once the fog rolls in another kind of magic and story would take place, but!  for now, I just want to listen to the silence and dream

May 8, 2017


                                                          GROUND FOG
                                                     6x6 oil on wood panel

The sky was a crystal  clear  blue with wisps of vale like clouds that moved to  air currents up high.  Because it was still so early the ground fog lingered preventing me from getting on the road anytime soon.  It only took one photo and I knew I had another painting in the making.  

May 7, 2017


                                                       LIGHT CATCHERS
                                                     6x6 oil on wood panel

As the sun was setting behind me and sending off this wonderful warm glow, the trees I was facing reached up into the blue sky and with ease and grace reached up to catch the light.

May 5, 2017


                                                           6x6" oil on wood panel

The silence was overwhelming, the colors where breath taking.  I found myself walking slowly and delicately stepping not to disturb the quietness.  What a beautiful planet when we stop to listen.  


                                                       BLOSSOM TIME
                                                   6x6" oil on wood panel

A fun and challenging little painting to do.  I painted this alla prima "wet on wet" in one setting with oil's.