Jun 9, 2011


The tactile world of the female is amazing.   I grew up with two sister's and a mom.  My dad always working, I was surrounded by women and all of there girlfriends in those early years of my life, thus a  love and appreciation for the ladies is and always will be a part of my life.   This is an original oil painting, size is 6x6" set on a varnished wooden box with no framing required:  "Sold"

Jun 3, 2011


After almost nine hours of road with my stomach growling for some food, the idea of driving into the town that laid straight ahead was just not appealing.  Then I spotted this blinking sign on what looked like a divvy little place filled with locals was exactly what I needed.   Finding a place to park I let my noise lead me to where I had to be, "GOOD EATS" and it was at that.  Finely a miniature 6x6" painting on wood set on a varnished box so no framing is needed:  (Sold)

Jun 2, 2011


This 36x36" oil on canvas is from the group of 9 paintings for my show in Laguna Beach this summer at "The Festival of Arts" This painting titled "2:am"  is a spin off from two small posts I did sometime back... I am just rapping up some loss ends preparing for this show then I'll be able to start on my 6x6" little posts soon that I miss doing...   That is it for now, back to the journey.  (SOLD)

May 27, 2011


"Almost", such a simple little word to say, but the implication depending on how it is said, can be enormous and that is my point precisely.    Oh!, I know... I haven't done my daily posts.  I can't figure out how to paint quite that fast. Yes, sometimes I can and do, BUT this year I found myself needing a change.  No, not scenery, moving or lifestyle, but what I want to paint and how I like to think of it is what do I want to say.  It's easy to paint the same thing over and over, it's you know... "safe" SO! for the past seven months I stepped out and away from my soothing, calming, pretty landscapes.  Now, before I go any further, I am talking about my new canvases.  I have this up coming show and everyone knows me for my sky paintings, again, soothing and calming... comments from passerby's "I wish I was there" or "How peaceful".... Well I'm here to tell you, all that is bye bye, finished, through.... Is it scary? YES!, but I have to go down that road.  I struggled and labored over these pieces for they did not come easy.  The progression was laborious, but slowly things began to show some promise.  Canvas after canvas a door was opened revealing new thoughts.   I have finished eight canvases and I am "almost" ready to show a new me.
This YouTube  is a one minute summation of my seven months.  The image below is a small part of a total... I hope you enjoy..        

May 16, 2011


This painting is another of going back in and doing this and that better known as "tweaking".  I must say, in doing so I got to revisit the memories of this trip and the "FREE HBO" For me it was a shoe-in spotting that sign after a really long drive, besides, I had to stop to see if I could get circulation back into my legs... :)  The painting is a 6x6" oil painted on a 1.5" deep varnished wooden box:  (SOLD)

May 15, 2011


Revisiting this painting I added a few things for me.. Why would I do that.. Because I can... 
So many times, to many times I look at a painting that I thought was finished, after all I signed it, moved on as I would like to think, but NO! I have to go and tweak it just a little.. Oh! the madness of it all.  This painting, at this point is finished and is a 6x8" painted on a 1.5" varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

May 14, 2011


Fallowing a long forgotten path I came to a clearing that opened up to the grasslands.   If not for the breeze that gently blew across the grasses making soft rustling sounds there would be no sound at all.
Lazy clouds drifted in slow-motion as I painted this sine inside my head.  As an artist I find I am always painting, breaking things  down, mixing colors, highlighting here, deep shadows there, the process never really goes away,  rarely do I just look at something without thinking of composition and the many ways of painting it....  Maddening at time but what am I to do...  This painting is 6x6" painted on a 1.5" varnished wooden box with no framing required.

Apr 27, 2011


I must give credit to a good friend and one great photo-realist artist "Will George" who sent me the photo thinking I might paint it, so here is the painting.  It is a 6x6" oil on wood that has been mounted to a varnished 1.5" deep wooden box:
If you are interest to purchase this please email me at schwartzart@earthlink.net  for price or questions.  (SOLD)

Apr 26, 2011


Heading into Long Beach on Broadway grabbing some dinner one evening I was taken by what a fantastic place this is.  Every night a totally different sunset, an amazing amount of places to eat, an astounding variety of foods mix in the sounds of cultures, faces and beliefs just knocks me out...
I don't know about you, but I love the differences.  I would go nuts if I just had to be around like me kinda people all the time.  I think the word of the day is and should be "Embrace" look it up, probably put a smile on your face.   Yes, its another original oil painting on wood, no framing needed for its mounted to a 1.5" deep varnished wooden box. 

Apr 21, 2011

'New canvas"

So here is # 4 of the series of 6 that I am painting for my summer show at the Festival of Arts in Laguna beach.  No! this is not the finished painting,  I'm not going to show it because I want to save it for the show this summer.   This is the most different style for me, lots of under-painting, a little out of control decisions making, constantly going back in to tweak it here and there...  Crazy stuff compared to my realistic style.  This made for a lot of fun to do and field with surprises.   It is 36" wide by 40" high oil on canvas.  (SOLD)

Apr 20, 2011


Wanting and needing some quiet time with just me I was able to find this spot.  After a time I got out of my head, took in the surroundings and said to myself, take a picture and paint this..  That's the story and I'm sticking to it.   This is a 6x6" oil painting on a 1.5" deep varnished wooden box:  (SOLD)

Apr 18, 2011

"New canvas"

These two photos are the beginning of a new canvas I have been working on for some time now.. 
The style is not my usual realistic madness that I love doing but a looser contemporary look and feel.   I normally don't sketch anything out and I don't usually have this coloring as an under-paint.  But, I must say I like the challenge of making so many changes while I am painting as I am usually so in control so this is a nice departure from the norm.   I am much further along with the painting, but I want to hopefully get some curiosity going.  This painting is on canvas, it's size is 36x40 in height... I need some time to study this one so for a time it's back to my 6x6" oils on wood. 

Apr 13, 2011


Looking West to the Pacific Ocean on a hilltop in Atascadero I stood watching the fog slowly trying to make itself known, but with the warmth of valley it kept at bay.   This part of the central coast is wonderful.   One could drive around in just this part of California for a year and not see it all.   I lived here some time back and every time I come up here there is something new.  This original oil painting is on birch wood, the size is 6x6" & 1.5" deep so no framing is needed: (Sold) 

Apr 8, 2011


Long ride, hungry, in need of a place to rest along with a bit of luck, and there it was, almost hidden by the glare of the New Mexico sun it screamed at me "VACANCY".  With no hesitation, I pulled in, parked, and practically running, headed straight into the office scaring the sleepy manager behind the desk and said,  "Ill take a room".    This is an original oil painting on birch wood mounted to a 6x6" varnished 1.5" deep wooden box: (Sold)

Apr 6, 2011


With rain in the forecast I decided to head back home.  I took one last look as the sun settled quietly into the coast and I reflected on the day and what might the next bring.   The hunt for booming skies is never ending, it's getting that right one.  Then to paint it and all the dynamics that go into that.   This is a 6x6 original oil painting on birch wood, it is set on a varnished 1.5" deep box so no framing is required:
If you are interest to purchase this please email me at schwartzart@earthlink.net  for price or questions. (SOLD)

Apr 3, 2011


Well, I am back from my Minnesota trip visiting family.  While there I was driven around with my daughter-law and her dad Ted.  He drove us up one street and down another and on one of these excursions, Ted knowing I was looking for old buildings, pulls into this alley.  I jump out even before the car came to a stop exclaiming "WOW".  The old and sometimes abandoned buildings were just what I was hoping to find.   Camera ready and watching where I was stepping I spot puddles with reflections of the buildings, brick walkways from the 30's, crumbling driveways all disappearing into the melting snow forming realistic abstracts images that I knew I was going to paint.  This 6x6"  original oil painting is on a varnished wooden box requiring no framing.   (SOLD)      

Mar 20, 2011


As the morning came to be I caught the sun breaking free from this spinning ball and was dazzled by the light racing across the land almost obscuring the quiet pool of water that lay quiet, but for the buzz of dragonflies.  I smiled and said "hello sunshine!" This painting is an original oil on birch wood mounted to a varnished wooden box, it's size is 11.5 inches by 4 inches.  priced at (Sold)

Mar 17, 2011


Light settling, shadows growing, mist rising, quietness loudening.  I stood perfectly still and just absorbed the surrounding beauty.   In painting this I wanted to capture an abundance of mood yet use very little in the way of detail.   In this less is more and so the painting came to be.  The painting is 6x6 inch oil on wood that is mounted to a 1.5" finished box with no framing needed: (SOLD)

Feb 28, 2011


The last of winter in the high country.  I am ready for spring so I thought I would paint what could be my last winter painting.  This is an original oil painting who's size in a 6x6 inch on wood and is mounted to a varnished wooden box: (SOLD)

Feb 24, 2011


 It was a cold late afternoon walk on the sands when I looked up at this iconic silhouette.  I thought of all the kisses that went on under the pier, rendezvous of secret lovers, hearts found, hearts broken, barkers tempting you to win a prize for your squeeze.   Pretzels, candy-apples and a Merry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel spinning magical thoughts to the shrieks of young and old alike...   It was just a cold late afternoon walk.    This original work is oil on wood and ready for your wall:     (SOLD)   

Feb 18, 2011


My first painting after a long pause for I had to say a goodbye and felt this subject was very apropos as a new day begins.   This painting is my continuing search in striving in the understanding of trees and the many moods they provoke.   This painting has many coats of under-paint giving a really richness to the coloring, even I was surprised by its depth.  The painting is in oils on birch wood, this was mounted to a varnished wooden box.  Size is 8x6 inch, price, $135+s/h   (SOLD)

Feb 7, 2011


As the light began retreating it was like all the sounds got so quiet.   I hesitated to walk for I didn't want to make a sound and disturb the beauty of silence.  In this I am still exploring the grace of trees and the mood they give us.  This is an original 6x6 inch oil painting on birch wood, the wood is mounted on a varnished wooden box with no framing required:  (SOLD)

Feb 3, 2011


Dodging the rain that was beginning to come down was not easy.  It felt like the faster I ran the harder it rained so with blocks to go I slowed and walked at a good pace squinting with the rain in my face. I smiled to myself when spotting my hotel's entrance door just up ahead.   This painting is on a 6x6 inch wood panel mounted to a varnished wooden box with no framing required: (Sold)

Feb 2, 2011

This is a small section of a painting I just did.. "RAIN" is 40x36 inch oil on canvas, it is for my summer show in Laguna Beach this summer... The show is The Festival of Arts Chick it out sometime..  "RAIN" is the second of a series of 6 canvass for this show, each takes a lot of time to do so my small 6x6 inch paintings that I normally post comes a little slower..  I will start posting my miniatures  hopefully this week...   Also you might enjoy seeing this YouTube of it being painted.... (Sold)

Jan 26, 2011


In developing this painting I worked with the sky first, then clouds and gradually working my way down to the mountains.   The trees came next with dark under painting, after drying I was  able to ad more coloring to the tree foliage fallowed by the houses, shoreline and the waters moving forward.  This 6X6 is painted with oils on wood that had been mounted to a varnished wooden box so no framing is required: (Sold)

Jan 25, 2011


Another of my exploration of trees and light.   Most of this painting was in the style of  pointillism in getting the light and dark leaf patterns.  I started with the glare of the sun and worked out from there with yellows, oranges and red tones then when dry, went back with the richer colors all the way to deep wine and ending with greens and purples for the darkest of shadows.   The size is 6X6 inch on wood that has been mounted to a varnished box so no framing needed: $130

Jan 23, 2011


I started this painting from a photo study I did of water ways in Newport Beach's Back-bay.  This is a 36x36 inch canvas 1.5 in in depth.  For more on this painting just "Click Here" 

Jan 16, 2011


Standing amid all the trees with the sunlight working it's way past and through there was a hush. No one in the group wanted to speak and break the wonderful silence that surrounded us and even in taking up my camera I did slowly so as not to disturb.  In painting this I wanted to capture the shadows so I did so by painting in monotone colors with a hint of green in the warm glare.  This 6x6in painting is on birch wood that was mounted to a 1.5" deep wooden box that requires no framing.  (Sold)

Jan 13, 2011


Painting trees can be a challenge so I paint many, some tight with detail or some more loose. I explore and I learn how amazing they are.  Sure there is the obvious, shade, privacy even a wooden front porch but way beyond that they are life.  If there are no trees, we are gone, ciao, sayonara, adios and bye bye.  So I paint them and try to give them a place among us and perhaps make people stop to see, to admire and just maybe take a quiet stroll with them. This 6X6 original oil painting is on birch wood that has been mounted to a finished wooded box with no framing required: ( SOLD)

Jan 11, 2011


On a back roads in Arroyo Grande part of San Luis Obispo County where I once lived, you would see the country side field with oak trees.  Some majestic rooted to the ground claiming mother earth and saying "I am here to stay".  Wonderful to see them, like these two young oaks saying good-morning on there epic journey towards tomorrow.  I don't know how many I have chosen as a subject to paint over the years but its hard not wanting to honor them.  This original oil painting is 6X6 inches painted on Birch wood, it is mounted onto a finished 1.5 inch box so no framing is required: $130    

Jan 2, 2011


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Hanging around back bay in Newport Beach one morning with calm waters I couldn't help but photograph the colors reflecting back at me of gear and other stuff on the boats.  These made for some wonderful happy abstract shapes for me to paint.  I thought "this will be fun to do".  I kept it loose to feel the joy in the dancing shapes of colors floating on the waters surface.  This is an original 6x6 inch oil painting on a finished wood box with no framing required: $125 + s/h (Sold)