Jan 11, 2011


On a back roads in Arroyo Grande part of San Luis Obispo County where I once lived, you would see the country side field with oak trees.  Some majestic rooted to the ground claiming mother earth and saying "I am here to stay".  Wonderful to see them, like these two young oaks saying good-morning on there epic journey towards tomorrow.  I don't know how many I have chosen as a subject to paint over the years but its hard not wanting to honor them.  This original oil painting is 6X6 inches painted on Birch wood, it is mounted onto a finished 1.5 inch box so no framing is required: $130    


michael cunningham said...

Nice work makes me want to move back to California.

Gerald Schwartz said...

To funny my friend, but I do know what you mean.. California is a magical place.