Apr 27, 2008



In looking at my most recent paintings, the feeling of space and time I conveyed has become a metaphor of my life at this time. The going to or leaving depending on which way I might be looking at this road of life as an artist has been an interesting one for sure. Not an easy one, but interesting nevertheless. Oh! There have been maps for me to follow, but not all lead me to where I thought I might stay, you know, a real homecoming of a place.
Dusty and bumpy and an assortment of dead ends and wrong turns and always believing, “there is light at the end of this journey” and having another painting to do, I must still paint on, after all, I am an artist and I alone have chosen this road. Oil on board 6"x8" and no framing needed.

Apr 20, 2008



I have a thing for back roads.. Most of the time I get to see places that look and feel like time stood still for, maybe its my want to go back to a time of innocence for me.. Again, the lighting in the sky was perfect for this shot to be made into this 6" x 8" oil on archival board and "Yes" there is no framing needed.

Apr 17, 2008


Heading out of town and always looking for these air-streams cruising the highways is a joy to see, photograph, then paint... This thunderous sunrise was the beginning of my morning. 6"x8" oil painting with no framing needed.

Apr 16, 2008


Going into Palm Springs in the morning I took this shot knowing I was going to paint this one... It is painted direct with little under-painting going on. It is done on a heavily coated gesso board then oil primer is applied then the colors in the sky are blended giving the brightness that I wanted to depicted the glare of the rising morning sun. 6"x8" oil on archival board mounted on 3/4" cradle so no framing is needed.

Apr 11, 2008

"405 NORTH"

The countless trips over and into the "Valley" at 4:45 pm.. This might not have much meaning for those not from Southern Cal, but for us that travel this stretch of the many freeways, this has a lot of meaning... I risked my life taking this photo in order to do this painting of this wonderful town L.A. 6"X6" oil on board with no framing needed can be yours. (SOLD)

Apr 2, 2008



This is painting is dedicated to the thousands of trips I have made up and down this canyon road in the last 30 some odd years.. I painted this in oils on canvas that has been mounted on a 2" deep wooden box so no framing is needed.