Sep 23, 2007


Here is a continuation on a series of painting’s as B&W’s… I make my blacks using different color combinations making the black tones warm or cool, then into this concoction a secret dry dust is added that alters the reflective quality of each painting. This dust I refer to is so light that when mixed into the other colors I must turn off all fans, put a mask on, open the jar and carefully, dip a moist palette knife into the dust removing it slowly, for any fast movement and it will float into the air getting everywhere. I then place it gingerly on the colors and slowly blend until I have achieved the shade I want… Now I add my white and this gives me some wonderful gray tones making each painting unique onto itself. Why you ask? Just the madness of loving what I do.


6"X7.4" oil on oak


Coming into downtown, a bit rain to set the mood and the rest is a piece of cake.


7.4"X6" oil on oak


Love those mountain roads, filled with mystery as I make my way down.

Sep 21, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak block


Now here is a painting that I thought I would do as a daily taken from a larger 36x34 painting I just did for the Vegas Art Expo. I really liked the felling and wondered just how it would work in this size and was pleasantly surprised . I was picking up a friend and as I looked up the tracks there was my next painting coming around the bend.

Sep 20, 2007


7.4"x6" oil on oak block

Here is the other that I re-painted.. The colors are really much richer in-person. I must say, I really like painting on this oak surface… I like cutting the wood, sanding and all, then preparing the surface to accept the oils.. I also just ordered some gessoed panels that are set on a 2” deep frame and are 6”x6” so I’ll see what that looks like, and if I like it, I’ll put them out there…. I do like mixing it up, it keeps it fresh, like doing the daily blogs, makes me think, makes me work, that and some good wine, kick-back with some Latin jazz and let the paint do it’s thing.

Sep 19, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak


Yes! You have seen this one before, but I re-painted the street. After looking at it, I said, "Mr,G, You can do better" Sooo, I'm showing it again and liking it better. I will be showing another that I just repainted, except that one I re did the the whole painting.. There is not to many things in life that one can re-do so I take full advantage of when I can. Hope you enjoy the new and improved.


7.4"X6" oil on oak block


Here was just a fun painting to do and play with texture and contrast.

Sep 18, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood

This time of day the light was soft, the sea was calm. I took one shot, went back to the studio and here you have it.

Sep 9, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak block


It had been a hot muggy summer as I stood looking out at to sea and watched the first rains come in and a spectacular lightning storm that soon fallowed if only brief.

Sep 2, 2007


6X7.4 oil on oak block

Here is the first of many to fallow of my daily paintings. I must say, it feels great to get back painting without any thoughts of doing a show.. Here is the back of a harbor down south and the light that obscured the detail in the buildings giving off some wonderful shadows making this a good subject.