Jan 27, 2009


I was there to take a possible photo for maybe another painting... While waiting a lone person entered my shot and seemed to be a waiting the arrival of a train.. I could not tell at this distance, but I felt a certain anticipation in the manner in witch the stranger moved about. I did not wait to see who they might be meeting as the fine drizzle and cold was getting to me. This is a 6x6 inch oil on archival board set on a varnished wooden box.

Jan 26, 2009


I could do a lifetime on "Melrose" and all that goes on... I don't know another place like it.. Ethnic foods from every country on the planet.. Stores selling things that I couldn't post on this site.. "Melrose" It has been in more movies than any other place.. If you need a study of humanity.. You got it! "Melrose" Love it.. This 6x6 inch oil is painted on archival board that has been mounted to a varnished wood box so no framing. $125 + s/h

Jan 25, 2009


Great place to have gone after a late nit, grab a burger & fries, take a drive up Laural canyon with your favorite squeeze, find Mulholand, park the car, put some soft tunes on, take a sip of coca cola, a bite of the burger, talk stuff while eating some fries dipped in Ketchup, listen to her soft voice, hope for a kiss, wake to see a Mulholand Morning. This is an original oil on archival board mounted on a 6x8 inch varnished wooden box. $135 includes shipping in the USA

Jan 23, 2009


After a long walk, I came through into the clearing just in time to get one last shot as the sun was setting. Finding my way back to my car I reviewed the images on my camera and new, this was going to be a fun challenge to capture the subtleties of colors that played with my eyes on this day. This is an oil painting on archival board that is mounted on a 6x6 inch varnished wooded box. $125 today. (Sold)

Jan 22, 2009


With hope on the horizon and the prayers of a nation, we go forth into a new day.. I look at what is finely taking place in my country, in our country and I must cheer. It is easy to fall into darkness but takes greater strength to look and believe that we shall overcome. The fact that so many artists have stayed in the creative process is a message to all that come to “The Daily Painters.” We give those that visit, a chance to dance amongst our colors of dreams and so! It is all the more a reason for all to keep what we do as the light into the future.

Just a thank you from me to my fellow artists.


As the rains pass, they reveal the magic of a rainbow as the sun moves slowly to kiss mother earth and get ready for "A New Day" This is an oil painting on archival board that is mounted on a 6x8 inch varnished wood box ready for your wall. $135 includes shipping here in the USA. Email schwartzart@earthlink.net for paypal bill.

Jan 21, 2009


The quiet was so loud that I could here the sound of my heart alone.. Then as the sun warmed the air, things began to awaken and natures music performed a wonderful symphony of buzzing dragonflies, whistles from a myriad of birds, the sound of a bass braking the stillness of the waters, a twig snapping from some unrevealing deer, and the mornings day gave birth once again to anew. This is painted with oils on a 6x8 inch archival board that has been mounted on a varnished wooden box. $135 includes shipping in the USA. Email schwartzart@earthlink.net for paypal (Sold)

Jan 17, 2009


Mollies, a good place for breakfast I found out on just a hunch looking at the line of happy folks waiting to get in... I was reminded of what eggs tasted like and they really grate there own potato's for some of the best hash browns and I haven't even talked about the biscuits... Yes its high in carbs, SO WHAT! 6x8 oil on archival board mounted on a varnished wood box. (Sold)

Jan 15, 2009


In Laguna beach there are many places that one can when the tide is low and you don't mind getting a little wet, walk around some of the cliffs that make up a good portion of the coastline and if you know where to look, you'll find a quiet hidden cove.. 6x8 oil on archival board that is mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing is required. $125 + s/h and its yours

Jan 14, 2009


Thought I would repost this as after looking at this, I made changes in the coloring of the clouds by warming them as it felt to cold before. So here it is... This is for my own edification and madness.. Pismo Beach California. A place I used to call home. This is a 6x8 inch oil on archival board mounted on a varnished wooden box with no framing needed. schwartzart@earthlink.net for paypal bill (Sold)

Jan 13, 2009


With the moon rising in the early evening sky, I cross the still muddy field from the noonday showers and just visible behind the trees I can make out the big-top. As I got closer, I could hear excitement in voices of children and parents alike, like waves the cheers and laughter float on the summers air and softly wash over me as I return to a once little boy. 6x6 oil on archival board mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing needed. Interested to own, email schwartzart@earthlink.net and I will send a paypal bill for $125

Jan 10, 2009


So many sights and sounds filed the air with an excitement and an anticipation of something is going to happen just around the next corner, or maybe in this tent. I wandered like in a dream, hands sticky from cotton-candy, full from corn-dogs and root-beer, to many things in my hands and "Ops!' there she goes.... bye, bye....."And the music played on & on." 6x6 oil on archival board mounted on a deep varnished wooden box. For availability E-mail:schwartzart@earthlink.net

Jan 6, 2009


With the impending rains, quietly and with no fanfare the balloon man made his way across the field moving further and further from the sights and sounds, then disappearing into the shadows of sunset. This 6x8 inch oil is done on archival board that is mounted on a varnished 1 1/2 inch wooden box (Sold)