Oct 29, 2012


                                               Please click on "YouTube" and see the movie.

This painting was made into a YouTube movie.  I thought long and hard what would be the steps in the filming of the painting.   After a time, I knew I had to paint four apples, then start painting the bits blending each to make it look like I was painting just one apple.... A really fun project and must say.  Each apple painting is a 6x6" square and can be purchased separately for $150+s/h or $600 and that would include shipping.  


The Great American Plains with its farms, barns, windmills, broken fences and miles of wide open spaces has and is a real love for this visual feast for my soul.  This painting named itself.  I know this shed was built many years ago, like so many of us, it no longer is straight, a little shaky and weathered with time, but still standing.    If you click on "YOUTUBE" there is a movie of the painting's journey. (SOLD)

Oct 19, 2012


It was late in the day when I pulled off the road and got out of my van.  Leaning up against it I stood looking at the house across from me.   I didn't see a telephone or electric pole anywhere.   I could just make out some chickens and goats and heard a dog barking.  I held my iPhone up to make

a call but no signal.  WOW, I thought, not to be able to go on line, what would I do with my 31 passwords that I need to stay in contact with all??....   I stared at the house across from me for sometime listening to the sounds of the earth and thought, "Such Simplicity".     
This 6x6" oil painting in on archival panel mounted to a varnished wooden box requiring no framing:  (SOLD)

Oct 17, 2012


A study of rust at first glance but there is so much more.  That is what I wanted the feeling to be about in this painting.  I wanted not just to show the age of the subject but the strength of what was.
It is something that we so many times forget to do.  To understand and respect the old as they are the sentinel's of the past and future.  This is a 36x36" oil on canvas.   

Oct 13, 2012


I was chatting with my good friend Susan Davis on Facebook.  Susan is the director and organizer of the fantastic music we have at the Festival of Art in Laguna Beach each summer.  This is the show I am a part of.  Well, on her Facebook page I spot this photo she had taken and I asked if I might use it for a painting, she replied, its yours!   So this is the painting of the moon rising above the beach town in south Laguna at night.  Thanks Susan.   This painting is 6x6" on archival panel mounted to a varnished box:  "Sold"    

Oct 12, 2012


This painting is from a road trip traveling through Kansas.   The day started off with another cloudless sky adding to the fourth month of much needed rain.  The temperature again was way above normal with hot air blowing the lands dry, making for a perfect combination to form the familiar dust devils one sees when crossing the great American Plains.  I had already been driving on the road for about 7 hours when I stopped to take some photographs for some later paintings when I  turned and looked west, there in the blue, blue sky, the first cloud in months.   Shortly after I arrived at my hotel in the early evening, I was standing outside watching a cloud covered sky when the first light rain began to fall.  This painting is a 6x6 inch on panel mounted to a varnished 1.5" deep box:  

Oct 5, 2012


In trying to think just how many trains I've painted over the years, I seem to have lost count.  I know it's  a lot and I know that every time I start a new painting I get flashbacks of when I was a little boy in Brooklyn playing with my train set.  Sitting on the floor I would watch my dad set it up, It was then I would disappear into my imagination and be one with the train.   I have since forgotten that distinct smell of the oil heating on the electric motor as it went round and round the track, but the memory of it is still there.  Maybe that's why I paint so many of them.  I get to return to that moment, and if only for a moment, be a  little boy once again.   (SOLD)