May 29, 2007



For the Laguna Art Festival
I love painting these and was inspired by my own blog "that a lucky lady now has." So here it is again on canvas. To paint shiny objects is just such a thrill and the airstream gives me that need for realism and abstraction all rolled into one painting. "What a joy." The size of this is 24"X30" and as always, painted in oils.

May 27, 2007


5.50"X5.50 oil on wood panel

This is heading out of New Mexico after this genteel rain turning the sky this incredible blue. This painting worked so easily that I was taken back when done, funny how sometimes that happens

May 16, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel.


Here I am on a rainy late Tuesday at 5:30 in LA getting off the freeway and knowing, I'm going to be late for dinner.

May 13, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel.


This was a slow drive back home and we all new dinner was going to be late.
Yes, I'm in the line of cars on the left.

May 12, 2007


5.25X5.50 oil on
canvas on wood


The many highway & byway that meander this country is amazing.

May 10, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


The joy of painting memories is the ability to conjure up feeling, tastes & smells of a time gone by.

May 9, 2007


5.4"X5.7" oil on canvas mounted on wood.


I love paintings these, I see them on the hwy's and Its camera time for me... Painting reflections is just plain fun.

May 5, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


Here is a nice soft pallette with heavy under-painting going on. This is up north and I took artistic license to change the location on the lighthouse.

May 4, 2007


5.5"X5.7" oil on wood panel


I found this photo I had taken a long time ago and with the memories of this trip and the hotel & restaurant where the food was "not bad" I thought it would be fun to paint. There is so much paint on this little panel for I had painted over another so it gave a nice build-up and allowed me to keep it loose and thats a nice treat for me.

May 2, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


So here is a new blog that I finely was able to get to, I must say, not doing the daily blogs and seeing guys like Edwards and the rest of you bloggers producing, I get jealous even tho I'm painting my big canvases everyday, its just not the same. That being said, here is a new painting. I just landed on the island and one of its many rains had just stopped. I did this painting hoping to capture the feeling of the humidity and feeling that prevails there like no other place.