Nov 30, 2009


Just a great place to go fishing this time of the year.  Enough chill in the air to make the bass want to jump and move around.  Quiet coves to pull into and let one's mind float on still waters. This is a 6x8 inch oil on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box. (Sold)

Nov 24, 2009


With a chill in the air I sat in my van on the side of the road and watched the shadows turn blue in the fading light of the approaching evening.  This is a 8x6 inch oil on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box $140 (Sold)

Nov 16, 2009


"Los Osos" now here is a place of wonder and beauty. Just the drive alone one can't fill their eye's with enough of what nature has to offer.  The road there meanders up, down, around and over countryside of farms, fields, rock formations and forest's.  A wonderful small town with the best breakfast and glimpses of a spectacular ocean that ends at a place that will knock you out and is crowned with the name of "Montana de Oro" WOW!... This painting is but a fraction of a little hike on a sunny day down near a little creak that was making its way to the great Pacific Ocean. I looked up and caught the fog giving a light kiss to the hill tops of paradise.   {Can you tell that I love it here?} This is a 6x6 inch oil painting on Birch wood mounted on a varnished wooden box: For a paypal bill of $125 + s/h email me      

Nov 12, 2009


This is the part of the diptych of the painting below, but after looking at both I decided to change both and make them stand on there own so there was lots of repainting of the two but in the end I feel it worked out for the best.  This is from an event in Santa Fe this year.  This is oil on Birch panel that is mounted on a 8x6 inch varnished wooden box:  (Sold)


I just repainted this as it was part of a diptych that I was not satisfied with, so back on the easel it went and after a little time I now like what I see. This is a 4X6 inch oil on board mounted on a varnished wooden box:  (SOLD)

Nov 11, 2009

"HEADING OUT" original oil painting

For me it was like finding a long lost friend.  This painting was lost in the shuffle of a galleries inventory, when the relation ended this painting reappeared and was shipped back to me.  Yes I to am at blame for not keeping closer tabs, but, it all has a happy ending, I got my baby back and can re-introduce it.  This painting came about from me being on a road at the right time.  I was heading back to California when out of the corner of my eye I saw this red pickup coming down a dusty road, I slowed letting him get in front, as the truck entered into my lane I was excited to see the pillbox air-stream in tow, reached for my trusty camera, took one shot knowing my next painting was locked inside...  This is an oil on canvas 36x24 and will be "unless sold" in my summer show where I know it will find a home. For serious interest email me.      

Nov 7, 2009


As the light of the day comes to a close, I reflect back on past memories of friends, family, relations, loves gone, loves now and like the drifting hot-air-balloons some thoughts are clear and some are just a little fuzzy, but all are wonderful and I am great-full. Oil on archival board mounted on a varnished wooden box.   (Sold)

Nov 5, 2009

"EVENINGS FLIGHT" original oil painting

The atmosphere was filled with excitement in the early evening to the anticipation of the rising of these wonderful balloons drew near.  At times the hot-air-balloons hung motionless in the air like jewels then slowly would drift.  There where thousands of people and a sea of tents manned with food vender's others selling this and that all getting ready for this evening's flight. Oil on Birch panel mounted on a 8x6 inch varnished wooden box: (Sold)

Nov 2, 2009


A place and a painting that I needed to revisit to learn more from.  There is a delicateness to the light that crosses the grasses and reflects off the water as it flows and ripples... A wonderful fun and challenging process that I must do as a larger canvas for next years show.  I painted this on a rather heavily oil primed Birch panel, this process kept the paint rich in color. The size is 8x6 inches and the wood has been mounted on a varnished wooden box with no framing needed.    (Sold)