Nov 5, 2009

"EVENINGS FLIGHT" original oil painting

The atmosphere was filled with excitement in the early evening to the anticipation of the rising of these wonderful balloons drew near.  At times the hot-air-balloons hung motionless in the air like jewels then slowly would drift.  There where thousands of people and a sea of tents manned with food vender's others selling this and that all getting ready for this evening's flight. Oil on Birch panel mounted on a 8x6 inch varnished wooden box: (Sold)


Jenpainting - Jennifer Morrison said...

Very Cool! I love the lighting, texture, and colors in this painting!

Jenpainting - Jennifer Morrison said...

VERY COOL! I love the colors, texture, lighting in this painting!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Jennifer, thank you, I can't wait to paint this a larger canvas..