Sep 29, 2012


Gosh! I'm trying to remember just when I took this little photo.  It was on one of the many trips back to California from AZ as I have family and friend's there.   I must have come across this amongst hundreds of photos about 5 dozen times over the years looking for something to paint, but this time I stopped to listen.  Funny how that happens, I wonder how many other photos have asked me to stop  that I ignored.   How many people I have done the same thing to, makes me stop and wonder.  We are so quick to choose to listen to the loudest when indeed there is much in a whisper.   
This is an original 6x6"oil painting.  For interest in giving this a home send me an "Email" (Sold)

Sep 20, 2012


It was just one of those nights, you know, drizzly kinda evening.  Actually it was a perfect time to go for a walk, meet some friends, have some good food, yes its a stop at "Lala's Argentine Grill".  LA is so crazy, got to love thought.  It is truly a melting pot of tastes...   (Sold)

Sep 18, 2012


With the sun not even thinking of coming up yet, business still closed, few cars out,  I find myself driving down Melrose thinking "What! am I doing?".  With only three cups of coffee working on  clearing the cobwebs inside my head, the gurgling sounds of my stomach because of the lack of food, I realized most definitely, I was feeling those Monday morning blues. 
This 6x6 box painting.   (SOLD)

Sep 17, 2012


Gearing up for a full blown canvas always takes time.  Even with my mind whirling with ideas, it still takes time to walk up to a blank canvas and say "HELLO".  It is a commitment for weeks, telling a story, provoking memories, moods and all those human qualities that I want to happen when someone
 sees the finished peace.  That's why I could do lots of these little 6x6 inch paintings first.  So with
that said, here is "DAYBREAK" an original oil, 6x6" on panel mounted to a 1.5" deep box:  

Sep 11, 2012


"Downtown" Just the mention of it denotes feelings in everyone. Everyone has a story, memory, recollection "Something" to contribute in the mere mention of "Downtown" Sunday walks, corner bakery, breakfast, lets meet for lunch, all of this and more.... Did you know they are on the endangered list.   Yes I know, every city has a downtown.. But real downtown is like the one in long

 beach, they have one, I used to live just blocks away on Broadway.. Lot's of the little stores are gone, you know, mom's and pop's, you knew there names and they yours... Changes they tell me... Glad I get to paint them and  hold on to my memory's... Oil on Birch panel, mounted on a 6x8 inch varnished box.

Sep 9, 2012


Now that the festival and the summer show is over and I'm not tempted by the never ending fantastic cupcakes, lemon squares, bundt cakes and all the goodies baked by Marcia, a wonderful water-colorist at the show, maybe I can loose some weight.  She would sneak up with a tray of goodies and ask "would you like one,  like I would say "no".  What made it worse was her husband a relatively big guy (that you never say no to) would also find you and ask the same question... long and short, I gained 10 lbs...
The show has been over for a week.  I've been eating salads, light soups that I make, small pieces of chicken and a vegetable...  So what do I paint today....  Is there no escape!...  This is an original 6x6 oil painting:     

Sep 7, 2012


Traveling on the 91 one late rainy afternoon.  Traffic slowing to a crawl, the glare of headlights, taillights, on and off brake-lights mixed with the pitter-patter background noise of it raining again.  Something in the back of my mind starts it's way up to full consciousness and.... a new painting comes to be...

This oil painting is on board mounted to a 8x6" wooden box:

Sep 6, 2012


Driving at that magic hour one is guaranteed to be late for wherever you where planing on going. Every time I think I'll make it on time I end up wrong, but I have to stop and say if it was not for those stuck in traffic kinda evenings I wouldn't have a great portion of my work.  Coloring, shadows and glare of brake-lights is just what I need  and love.   So the next time you're stuck in traffic stop and say "Gerald would love this"  This is an oil painting on panel mounted to a 6x6" box with no framing needed.