Jul 31, 2008


A ride through the desert in monsoon season is a real thrill knowing that it is going to dump a lot of water on the road and you have no place to go but but to keep driving.... This is a 6"x6" oil on archival board mounted on a 2" deep cradled box so no framing is needed... $225 + s

Jul 28, 2008


This was painted at the Laguna Beach art show that you have heard me talk so much about... Here is one of many projects that came up. This one I had to get involved with for it seamed apprapo for our effort at the DP this coming month.... This is a 12' long by 5' high mural on canvas that was a collaborative effort of four artists from the show..... I was asked if I would work on this and I said "yes" without knowing what it was about, but I thought it would be fun to do with three other artists on this one mural and four artists on another ... My team painted this one that you see in 4 hours... I painted the sky first then we each jumped in and did something to pull this off.... Dagmar came up with the planets, Bruce the grasslands, Shockley the dragonfly's... We danced around never disturbing the efforts of the other..... There were no egos so everyone could make a mark, add a color, take over if one got side tracked and always kept in mind what this was about " The Children & The Planet" This entire project was filmed and in the end some 5200 murals totaling 12 miles will be wrapped around a pyramid in Egypt in 2010.. This project is for the ( www.the-art-miles-mural-project.org ) Take a look and get involved, for we each pass through here only once.

My team :
Dagmar Chaplin
Bruce Burr
Tim Shockley
& yours truly
Gerald Schwartz


Jul 22, 2008


Going through the desert with this wonderful soft clouded sky made this a perfect dreamy subject to paint. It is a 6"x6" oil painting done on archival board mounted on a 2" cradled box so no framing is needed. $250 includes shipping in the US. (Private)