Feb 26, 2010

"PROPERTY LINE" original oil painting

 Awakening in the morning and seeing the sun just beginning to rise I realized it had stopped snowing, at least for the time being.  I took this shot in the hopes of a painting.   As I stood  looking out I thought "gosh, no walls"? In Southern California everything is walled in.  You're  lucky if you see, let alone meet, your neighbor, a kind of a commentary on my society as of late.  My son and his wife met their neighbors before they moved in.   Here the property line is open and free, bound only by the respect for one another.  Oil painting on a 6x6" Birch panel that is mounted onto a varnished wooden box: (SOLD)

Feb 23, 2010


I found it relaxing to setback and not think if I have to turn here or there, but just enjoy the ride through the still falling snow.  I also had no-idea of where I was, I couldn't find my way back to my sons house if my life depended on it.  My mission was simply to love the fact of being with him and what he was going to get at the market and cook.  This oil painting is on a 8x6" varnished wooden box: (Sold)

Feb 20, 2010


My sons wife Jessica, who has an artistic flair was kind enough to chauffeur me around having an idea of what I might paint.  I sat back in the warmth of the car with its heated seats and clicked away with camera in hand.   Stopping here and there, Jess pointed out this and that.  Then, with great enthusiasm, she spots the red hydrant that jumps out from the gray and white falling snow and slows to a stop.  Taking one shot I said to her, "that's just what I was looking for".  This is a 6x6" oil painted on a varnished Birch wooden box: (Sold)

Feb 15, 2010


In day two at my son's house and a new morning I stood in the kitchen looking out at the snow still falling giving a lovely white blanket to his backyard.  It is good to be here capturing in oils little glimpses of his life through my eyes.  This is an 8x6" oil painting on Birch panel mounted to a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)  

Feb 14, 2010


  My first morning in my sons home, I crept upstairs from the basement "something we don't have in California" and immediately made a pot of coffee.  Cup in-hand I moved quietly around as everyone was still asleep upstairs.  I went to the front door, opening it; only to be greeted by a second etched in glass.  Looking out at the snow and cold within inches of me  while still being protected by the warmth of this house, I smiled and said to myself "here is your next painting." This is a 6X6" oil painting on Birch panel that is mounted onto a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

Feb 11, 2010

"SCHOOL DAY" original oil painting

Just a few day's ago my sons wife Jessica drove me around while in Minnesota on what turned out to be the biggest snow storm to hit.  My camera at the ready I clicked away at everything.  This is a school bus making its way, picking up kids and plowing through feet of snow on some small streets that where buried and where the snow plow's don't go.  This painting is an 8x6" oil on Birch wood mounted to a varnished box: (Sold)

Feb 5, 2010


Just landed in Minnesota yesterday with my son, picked his car up and drove to his house.  On the way I shot picture after picture of snow, gray skies, traffic and all the things I love to paint.  This morning woke-up to snow and more things to paint.  The look is like my black & white paintings with dark trees and white snow with backgrounds of deep grays.. All things that the doc ordered for my minds-eye.
I have only been here 24 hr and at this point have subject matter to paint for weeks  to come with five more days to go, how thrilled am I... And! dare I forget, I get to spend  time with son, his wife,grandkids and her family.... All good stuff. I will try to up-load some shots without giving-a-way what I will be paintng....  That's it for now.

Feb 2, 2010

"LAGUNA CANYON " original oil painting

Many times while riding down this canyon the fog would roll up to greet me.  Oh! There are plenty of sunny days here, but for now I choose this for the mood needed in a memory I have of this place.  You see, most of the canyon has been widened after years of protesting by resident's and local supporters.  Picket sign swinging people would line the sides of this road wanting you to honk in approval of their mantra "no building"... I waved back knowing the inevitable.   After years the builders won.  I must admit, it is far safer now as this once quiet road is now four lanes.  I'm glad I got to see and travel up & down this old road for every now and then I get to paint what once was.  Here is an original 6x6" oil painting on Birch panel, mounted on a varnished wooden box:   (SOLD)

Feb 1, 2010


The beginning of the morning was wonderful after the rains had washed the air and all clean. It allowed the sun to illuminate the now crystal clear sky and its rays to peek through the trees making for a most perfect days beginning.   This 8x6" in oils is on Birch panel mounted onto a varnished wooden box:   (sold)