Feb 28, 2014

"storm front"

This was just days ago.  You can see this monster out at sea coming.  There was a slight breeze at first, kind of a prelude to what was hopefully to come.  California was in need of rain so all eyes where fixed on this... Finely! Its here.... Love it... 

Feb 25, 2014

"what do you see"

About two years ago, I was strolling, camera in-hand on balboa peninsula in Newport beach CA..
I was on a hunt to find something I could commit to canvas.   I shot this and that, got a yummy balboa bar  and continued looking for that just right subject.  I was just about to take the faerie back to the mainland when I almost walked by "Psychic Readings" a place that has been there for 30 years that I know of.   I did my dance with my camera and after only a hand full of photos I knew I had what would be my next painting.... This is a 40x40 oil...