Dec 21, 2007


I sat in my car and waited for the light to get just a little lower so as to get this shot that I felt would make a great subject for a painting... There is a lot of under painting in this giving the coloring and depth I wanted to create this mood. There must be at lest eight different colors in the trees giving an endless array of shades that move in and out pronouncing depth of the forest. Oil on custom made canvas 36"x 30" Soon to be in a gallery.


Just down aways is this quiet inlet and surprisingly some good fishing that can be accomplished. 6"x6" oil on clay board & no framing needed.(Sold)

Dec 15, 2007



So here it is in all its glory... After a long drying time for this I was able to paint the leaves & shadows and just stuff to clean the image up.. I photographed it outside thus the color is sharper then the other shots.... Nice what sunshine can do... This is one of many photos of a journey through meddle America and the places that have some of the best burgers, fries and pies... A 6"x6" oil on clay board finished.

Dec 13, 2007


I do love Long beach, the buildings and the ever changing landscape of this city is wonderful. I lived just up the street from here on broadway, lots of great memories. Oil painting on a 6"x6" 2" deep wooden box.

Dec 12, 2007



Just more of the wetlands and what happens in those quiet moments in time. 8"x8" oil on wood panel.

Dec 7, 2007



I spotted this Airstream sitting off the road and I stopped to admire this baby. I don' know how many I have painted, but there is just something about them that draws me in, I've chosen to paint it as a B&W, it just felt like the right thing to do. It is in oils on a 6"x6" clay board finished.

Dec 6, 2007



I just added the moon in this and a few touches to this previous post so here it is a little a-new. I now feel it has more of the mood that I want after looking at it awhile. This is one of the many farmhouses and a real treat to do as they are disappearing from the landscape. The owner of this one will not sell, he also doesn't have to.. This is a 6"x6" oil on clay board finished.

Dec 4, 2007


How do I not paint her, I've been a part of her, I believe in her. This will be but a small part of a much bigger canvas that I hope to have at the Laguna art show this summer, along with some other Americana icons... A 6"x6" oil on a 2" deep wooden box so no framing is needed. Inquiry to purchase for $135 Go To:

Dec 3, 2007



New York! Cant say much more after one says "New York" One amazing City... This is one from some shots of a recent trip and my spin on turning them into up-coming 6"x6" studies for larger canvases.... I will take a better shot of this but for now, here it is ... I must say I'm excited about these new works, I just have to pulling it off. "Enjoy" Oil painting on a 6"x6" 2" deep wooden box with no framing is needed.

Dec 2, 2007



Playing with the light at this time of the morning was both wonderful and challenging all at the same time. I wanted to give the feeling of thick underbrush and the coolness of the snow.
This 6"X6" oil painting is on a 2" deep wooden box so no framing is needed