Dec 31, 2008


It was here, and the show had started with fireworks going of, the sounds of the organ grinder, cheers of the children, from all directions they came a-run-in... 6X8 oil on archival board mounted on a varnished wood box... 130 includes s/h in"> email for bill (Sold)

Dec 28, 2008


Boy these are hard to photograph... So here is the finished, I shot this as the sun is going down and the coloring is not quite what I want so I'll be shooting it again tomorrow.. I love this one.. I don't often do such outburst of expressing of my work but, but, I did and that's that.. So look, make comments, good and bad.. talk later, family is here and its time for me to cook..(Sold)

Dec 26, 2008


If one is not familiar, there is a place just over the hill from Los Angeles or as we like to say "LA" has a certain ring to it... One would say to another when one knows the other is from "Out of town" You would say, with a little cockiness "I'm from LA" "BUT" But if you live over the hill, and we all know where that is, You say "The Val" Then one can get more uppity by saying " I live South of the blvd" Yes! the pool is West of the blvd in "The Val"! 6x6 Oil on board, set on a varnished wood box for $125 including shipping her in the US.. If one wants this,">email, I'll send a paypal bill to you. A Lucky Lady is the proud owner of this.. (Sold)

Dec 23, 2008


Just want to say Happy Holidays t all.. I will try to post but with family, friends and all coming and going, it could be a challenge.. I will be doing my other love and that's cooking, I get lost in sauces and making my own rubs to put on roasts, chickens alike.. Steaming or roasting veges and tasting new cheeses and parring them with a wine and sharing with all cuts in one's studio time but that is OK as January will roll up on us all soon enough... So! For now I bed you ado and who knows I might surprise you and myself with a painting before this year is out....


Dec 21, 2008


Passing by one of these carts and smelling those franks & steamed buns was it for me, particularly when I just didn't want to set in a restaurant and listen to chatter.. Much easier and good tasting to just get a hot frank, put as much mustered, relish, onions, topped with sauerkraut and down this puppy.. Had two and never gave it a second thought. Ah! Yes, it is a 6x6 inch oil painting, mounted on a deep varnished wooden box. For availability

Dec 19, 2008


It strikes me at how many people are up doing all that goes on at, let me see... 1:47 am... Including yours truly!... Oh! I can say "Will" I was out doing this and that but, so can all the others. Is the day never over out here? Is there a time when its all quiet?... I think not.. at lest not in the Big Apple. You know the drill.. Oil on archival board, Yes, its mounted on a varnished wooden box, NO! yes thats a "No" framing needed, talk about saving money.. its a 6x6 inch story of a moment in my life.For availability

Dec 18, 2008


In passing by on the road one foggy morning I noticed the gate was open.. So I went for a walk, I walked tell the fog swallowed the trees, hills, path and myself up in a most peaceful blanket of gray. this oil painting is a 6x8 inch set on a varnished box so no framing in needed. $125 + s/h

Dec 15, 2008


It was a long ride up slippery ground but, I made it.. Standing there, looking around and feeling the silence was wonderful.. I thought about, what would it be like to live in the mountains, it is beautiful, but I have lived at sea level most of my life and yet, here I be... Feeling the land, trees & snow knowing, here's my next painting.. 6x6 oil on archival board, mounted on a deep varnished wooden box.... For the Holidays till 2009 any of my 6x6 or 6x8 on my blog.  (Sold)

Dec 14, 2008


Funny how somethings catch your eye, particularly when your tiered and you can just set back , leave the driving to a stranger, with no obligation to make small conversation to no conclusion. This is just one of those moments. I was caught by the abstraction of the rain, mist, and condensation on the windshield of my ride to the hotel. Sleepily and happily I was able to let my mind drift to the nondescript humming of the driver. After a time of just staring at the bobble head I knew, here is my next painting. Putting my camera up to an already blurry eye , I click off one shot just in time as my ride ends pulling up to the hotel and long awaiting sleep.
6x8 oil on archival board mounted to a deep varnished box.For availability

Dec 13, 2008


I love to feel and hear the hum of a city at that magical of hours. The whole city changes, cell phones to ears, all exits jammed, elevators full, the sounds of high heels clicking in fast cadence, voices of hundreds of different languages all talking to loved ones, last minuet deals, secret rendezvouses, people at restaurants looking at who is coming in, bartenders waiting for the happy hour crowd, buses packed, taxi's taken, its "RUSH HOUR" 8x8 inch oil on box canvas. " in USA

Dec 11, 2008


I think this was more difficult t photo then to paint.... My painting is more painterly in nature than how this photo looks, that being said, the painting is in fact, better then my photo.... So there you have it... Why I needed to make this clear was and is for me alone.... Maybe I'm breathing in to much fumes of turpentine after all these years.... The bottom line is, this was a fun painting to do... Oil on archival board mounted on a 6x6 inch deep varnished box. (Sold)

Dec 8, 2008


Tones, shapes and texture, that is what I wanted in this.. A time gone by, a place to remember or recall.. I find that most of us have seen or been or new of alleyways, small streets, quiet times, safe moments from the past... I have to add more to this, thanks to my artist friend Cara Romero... The alley's are almost gone from us. House's are squeezed in with walls, no porches, garages in the front with remotes so none of us get to wave and say "Hello" gone are the games that where played in the alley's.. I miss my alley.. 6x6 inch, oil, deep wooden varnished box. Holiday price, $125in the USA. (Sold)

Dec 4, 2008


Like a ghost the house begins to appear showing its dominants over the field. Soon the field will be filled with the sounds on tractors, children's voices, a dog barking somewheres in the tall grasses... But, for now, its just the quiet of the morning mist. 6x8 oil set on a deep varnished wooden box with no framing needed.For availability