Dec 26, 2008


If one is not familiar, there is a place just over the hill from Los Angeles or as we like to say "LA" has a certain ring to it... One would say to another when one knows the other is from "Out of town" You would say, with a little cockiness "I'm from LA" "BUT" But if you live over the hill, and we all know where that is, You say "The Val" Then one can get more uppity by saying " I live South of the blvd" Yes! the pool is West of the blvd in "The Val"! 6x6 Oil on board, set on a varnished wood box for $125 including shipping her in the US.. If one wants this,">email, I'll send a paypal bill to you. A Lucky Lady is the proud owner of this.. (Sold)


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Beautiful painting - especially since I'm sitting here looking at it in the middle of a Tornado warning (I'm serious)...yesterday we had ice on the ground today is 63 bizarre!

Gerald Schwartz said...

WOW! And its 63! So there's the beginning of a Heat Wave....:)