Nov 28, 2010


With a light rain, fallen leaves and twigs the forest floor comes to life.  I could not take a single step without seeing beauty in each.  Moss, lichen an occasional mushroom, rainbow colored beetles, all forming an incredible tapestry for my eyes.  How can I not paint this magic from just an afternoon walk in the forest litter.  With no framing needed, this 6x6 original oil painting on Birch wood has been mounted to a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

Nov 23, 2010


An endless landscape. A house nestled in the protection of trees.  Clouds drifting lazily.  Shadows quietly finding their way along the ground..  In the elements of this painting my goal was to provoke memories or feelings of all kinds. From the mixing of pigments, to deciding which color would work with another, to how big should the house be?  Should it be a little to the the left, a little to the right, so many factors come into play.  Painting, like writing notes for  music, each has its place, it's rhythm, it's tempo if you will, all must work in harmony.  This is a 6x6 inch original oil painting on Birch wood that is mounted to a varnished wooden box:(SOLD)

Nov 19, 2010


This painting is from time I spent in the Palm Springs area looking for a subject matter to paint.. 
In driving around, paying attention to the road, I would hold my camera up and aim without looking and take a picture.  When it was safe I peered into my camera and I spotted this shot. Smiling, I knew I had my next painting... This is a 8x6 inch original oil on Birch wood mounted to a varnished wooden box:  Also on YouTube


Nov 16, 2010


With the sun dipping down, shadows crossing the road and music fading into static, I had much time to get inside my mind and ask "what shall I paint?"   It's always an interesting question to ask oneself while an endless procession of colors & shapes go gently floating by in my head.   As I stare at the road an idea begins it's journey forward and then...  "THERE, I'll paint you"!  With more thoughts streaming of what color will go here or there a painting began if only in my minds eye.   I was glad I still had a longways to go on this road as I wanted to finish the painting.   This is an 8x6 inch original oil painting on Birch wood that is mounted to a finished wooden box: (Sold)

Nov 12, 2010


From a trip to Kansas City somewhere in the middle of Nebraska they where burning fields to clear for new crops.  The sun was going down and the smoke mixing into the clouds made for some fantastic coloring.   This original 6x6: oil painting on Birch wood is mounted to a varnished wooden box: $140

Nov 10, 2010


Heading north.  I couldn't help but notice that everything was in shadows.  Hillsides, trees, roads and especially the clouds, that's what really caught my attention.  It was not just the fact that the sun was lowering in the horizon forming long shadows over a color saturated landscape, but the clouds were adding it's own mix of colors to it.  I had to stop and get out of my van and fill my eyes.  I was excited about getting back to my studio knowing I had to paint this.
This 6x6inch original oil painting is on Birch wood that had been mounted to a box that I get to finish:

Nov 7, 2010


Several years ago when I was doing road shows out in middle America I needed to stop and gas up, stretch my legs and give my sis Millie a break after long hours of road time.  Spotting a sign of a town I never heard of I pulled off and drove down this road to find a gas station.  Well, what I found was a wonderful little farming town that looked like we stepped back in time.  A gentleman at the gas station/market tipped his hat to my sis (when was the last time you saw that)?  There were no sidewalks, no traffic lights or stop signs.  The school house ( red in color) was little bigger then my studio... I think there were a total of twenty homes, that was it!...  Driving back to the highway I couldn't help smiling and thinking how glad I was to know places like this still exist. This is an original 8x6 inch oil painting on wood that has been mounted to a finished wooden box:(Sold)

Nov 6, 2010


For over a year or two I have gone into this painting and added a little here and a little there, tweaking this and that.  This time I got into the furrows and added far more color and texture.  I added the trunk on the tree at the far end of the plowed field and brought out the leaves, I think I'm finished now.  I had to remake the stretcher bars so they will come apart so that I  can roll the canvas to fit into my van and re-stretch it at this summer's show in Laguna Beach, "THE FESTIVAL OF ARTS".  This painting is a 60x48 inch on custom prepared canvas. For more about its location on how I came to it you can read up on it by going to "MY CANVASES"