Feb 28, 2011


The last of winter in the high country.  I am ready for spring so I thought I would paint what could be my last winter painting.  This is an original oil painting who's size in a 6x6 inch on wood and is mounted to a varnished wooden box: (SOLD)

Feb 24, 2011


 It was a cold late afternoon walk on the sands when I looked up at this iconic silhouette.  I thought of all the kisses that went on under the pier, rendezvous of secret lovers, hearts found, hearts broken, barkers tempting you to win a prize for your squeeze.   Pretzels, candy-apples and a Merry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel spinning magical thoughts to the shrieks of young and old alike...   It was just a cold late afternoon walk.    This original work is oil on wood and ready for your wall:     (SOLD)   

Feb 18, 2011


My first painting after a long pause for I had to say a goodbye and felt this subject was very apropos as a new day begins.   This painting is my continuing search in striving in the understanding of trees and the many moods they provoke.   This painting has many coats of under-paint giving a really richness to the coloring, even I was surprised by its depth.  The painting is in oils on birch wood, this was mounted to a varnished wooden box.  Size is 8x6 inch, price, $135+s/h   (SOLD)

Feb 7, 2011


As the light began retreating it was like all the sounds got so quiet.   I hesitated to walk for I didn't want to make a sound and disturb the beauty of silence.  In this I am still exploring the grace of trees and the mood they give us.  This is an original 6x6 inch oil painting on birch wood, the wood is mounted on a varnished wooden box with no framing required:  (SOLD)

Feb 3, 2011


Dodging the rain that was beginning to come down was not easy.  It felt like the faster I ran the harder it rained so with blocks to go I slowed and walked at a good pace squinting with the rain in my face. I smiled to myself when spotting my hotel's entrance door just up ahead.   This painting is on a 6x6 inch wood panel mounted to a varnished wooden box with no framing required: (Sold)

Feb 2, 2011

This is a small section of a painting I just did.. "RAIN" is 40x36 inch oil on canvas, it is for my summer show in Laguna Beach this summer... The show is The Festival of Arts Chick it out sometime..  "RAIN" is the second of a series of 6 canvass for this show, each takes a lot of time to do so my small 6x6 inch paintings that I normally post comes a little slower..  I will start posting my miniatures  hopefully this week...   Also you might enjoy seeing this YouTube of it being painted.... (Sold)