Jun 19, 2016


                                                           6X6" oil on panel

A place in Oregon called Bend.  This photo was sent to me just days ago and I thought, I'm going to paint this.   Knowing the person that sent it and the scene,   Felling a correlation between the two it was an easy decision to make it work..

This will be at the Festival of Arts this summer in Laguna Beach,CA    

Jun 18, 2016


                                                                SOUNDS OF SILENCE
                                                        6x6 oil on panel

It was still early as the sun peeked through the trees.  My fishing buddy, a master bass fishermen guided his bass boat quietly and smoothly along.  It was mornings like this that we barely spoke a word.   Talking seemed out of place so we would look at one another and smile in agreement at the beauty that was all around us.  We became part of the sound of silence.

This painting will be at this summers Festival of arts in Laguna Beach CA

Jun 11, 2016


                                                              LATE NIGHT
                                                          6x6" oil on canvas

A late night down some side street in Minnesota after an evening with my son and hopping from micro brewery to brewery.   I had just stopped laughing at something he said when he drove past this T-Bird slow enough for me to take a shot with my trusty iPhone.. Got it! And another painting. 

This will be at the Festival of Arts and this summers show

Jun 8, 2016


                                                        ETHEREAL MOMENT
                                                           6x6" oil on panel

I had to return, I needed to be here, how could I not revisit this place of magic.  I'm not sure how long I just stood watching the shadows move across the ground, behind the trees and past and through me.   Time stopped and it was truly welcoming as I did not want this ethereal moment to end.  (SOLD)

This painting will be at this summers Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA

Jun 7, 2016


                                                       6X6inch oil on panel

With the weather warming and no rain insight it was easy to just float along, feel the rhythm of each wave and let my mind slowly dissolve into what became an endless day.

This painting will be at this summers Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach CA.  (SOLD)

Jun 3, 2016


                                                           SOFT CLOUDS 
                                                           6x6 oil on panel

It was such a wonderfully clear day, so I had to get out and just walk.  The weather was perfect, I had water and a protein bar and I journeyed out. I was about an hour into the walk when I heard distant rumblings.  Looking up when I got to a clearing I could see big beautiful clouds coming in.   I'm thinking, its time to head on out of here.  I looked back and the hills and mountains as the cloud cover rolled over them like a soft white blanket.  It rained all day. 

This and other works can be seen at this summers Festival of Art

Jun 2, 2016


                                                            QUIET TALK
                                                         6X6 oil on panel

A light rain began.  We walked for sometime in the cool air, we took our time for there was no rush.  We reminisced and giggled at the silly things we did.  Would we have done it differently, probably not.  We walked what seemed forever not wanting it to end, after all, it was just an innocent quiet talk anyways. (SOLD)