Mar 16, 2013


6X6 oil on birch wood

Up early heading back into Orange County, I stopped an grab a coffee and doughnut, you know, one of those chocolate glazes, I love those, I don't often stop and.... Sorry for digressing away from my... Where was I!... Oh yeah... heading back to O.C....  I look up and the Hollywood sign is just waking up with the fog despairing  from it along with me.  I get back in my van and start winding my why up La Brea past Melrose tell I find a spot to pull over and take two photos.  Back in my studio I take a look at my handy-work  and here you have it, Hollywood in the morning.  
This is painted on a 6x6" 1.5" deep varnished box and is available.  "AT" (Sold)

Mar 14, 2013


"6x6 oil on birch wood "

This painting is a culmination of different times during the day as the sun moved the shadow's over  the field of mustard flowers.  I just sat and stared it the beauty.  The shades of greens, the soft and evenness of the flowers, the silence, all made everything seem good even if only for a moment. 
I think that is why I painted this, I can return to that time and feel it all over again. (SOLD)