Sep 10, 2008


This wet and wintry street is a real place that I've been. Each of us has been there and know of this place, to stop at, to think about, to remember and feel.... Thus I gave it its name for its all of ours to claim and say I've been there too.
This is a 6"x8" oil on archival board mounted on a deep finished box with no framing required. (Sold)


Taken from my good friends Duffy in the bay at Newport, I was able to get this shot. We, the three of us parked the Duffy and went an had some snakes, drinks, good laughs then back to there house and continued the evening with a great barbecue, good wine as always and that finished off my evening, I then looked forward to the painting of it. So here is this 6"x8" oil on archival board with no framing needed. (SOLD)

Sep 6, 2008



My first of many to come as I have been away from my blog and all of you for a long time...
The show I was in is over after two month and so I looked forward to getting back to my painting. Here is a little warm up done on a archival 6"x8" panel in oils.