Jan 31, 2010


A truly magical place in Minnesota, I return this first week in Feb with my son to see his new home.  This is from a few years ago and a walk in one of many parks in this great state.  I  hope to get some more photograph's of snow to take back to my studio and produce  some more paintings.  This 6x6" painting is in oils on Birch panel that has been mounted to a varnished wooden box: 

Jan 28, 2010


I headed down to Dana Point in Orange County knowing the ocean this week was really going to be turning up the surf.  I took the time to reflect at this and all that is going on in the world and hoped for calmer waters.   It is all so beautiful when one slows-down to see it. This is a 6x6" oil painting on Birch panel that has been mounted to a varnished wooden box:


Just a quick stop to pickup some milk & cereal for a quiet dinner back in my room, a goodnight sleep and then it's road time and on to the next stop.  Thus the life of doing shows out of state, my choice.  This is an oil painting on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooded. (Sold)

Jan 27, 2010


Driving back from up northern California on this overcast day, I put my window down on the passenger side and held my camera up to take this shot while coasting at 75 mph... Not knowing if the photo came out or not till the next stop I was glad to see I had a new painting waiting to be done.  This oil painting is an 8x6" on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box: (Gift)   

Jan 22, 2010


Driving out of the "U-Rent" with their last car, I pulled out in to traffic just as it starts to rain.  Not knowing where the wipers or defogger is, I strain my eyes to see what's ahead and off into the night I go in search of a motel and sleep.  What a great beginning to what could be a long weekend.  Oil painting on a 8x6" Birch panel mounted to a varnished wooden box: $140 (Sold)


Looking down the tracks I thought of all the goods, people, supplies and stuff that these steel rails brings to us and binding us all together in one-way or another like a life line now catching the morning sun.  4x12" oil on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box: $150 (SOLD)

Jan 20, 2010


Just when I thought I was done I go and start work on it again, always in process of tweaking... Well I like this much better, after looking at this painting for sometime and feeling that "I" need something more, I labored for two weeks and then late at night it came to me, I needed something on that wall and in the grass, so back up on the easel I made my move and added the rake,baseball,patio chair and kitchen dinette set.. Now I am done, finished, out-a-hear...
This is the finished painting.  Below you can see the some of the progression but this here is complete.  It is primarily a black & white with shades of gray giving a hint of color in those tones.  The red bicycle is the only real color and to paint this without having it jump out at you there is an under color of dark gray softening the red.  The 36x36" painting is gallery and wrapped and painted on all sides.   For inquires  
schwartztart@earthlink.net And for more on my B&W paintings GoTo

Jan 19, 2010


Here, starting from the beginning from stretcher bars, blank canvas, bit of outlines fallowed in the next three some of the painting progression.  Still more work to be done but I wanted to share.  This is from a 6x6 inch painting I posted a few weeks back.   This is one of many canvass to fallow for my summer show in Laguna Beach starting July.  This painting is 36x36 and I should ( It says here in fine print ) will be completed before the weekend... Then it is another round of my 6x6s  fallowed with more canvas.   My goal is to paint 8 new canvass before Jun 12.  Yes I will post this one when finished.      

Jan 11, 2010


Just when I thought I was finished with the above painting I thought to myself that it needed more.  So, after a little more thinking and work a new painting emerges.  One can see the difference between the two, one is bigger then the other.. "I kid"   Hopefully you agree and if not, well I'm staying with the change.   This is up north of Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez Valley.  A quiet walk and some good thoughts.  This painting is a 6x6" oil on Birch panel that has been mounted on a varnished wooden box with no framing needed: $120+s/h   (Sold)

Jan 3, 2010


It was late by the time he got home.  Leaning the bike against the tree he could smell the apple pie fresh out of the oven. His feet couldn't run fast enough as he entered the house to those familiar sing-song words "Close.. the.. scre-een"  Here we have a 6x6" original oil, painted on Birch panel that is mounted to a varnished wooden box so no framing is needed: YES!  I'm re-posting this for the red bike did not come through, so new post and name. (Sold)