Jan 20, 2010


Just when I thought I was done I go and start work on it again, always in process of tweaking... Well I like this much better, after looking at this painting for sometime and feeling that "I" need something more, I labored for two weeks and then late at night it came to me, I needed something on that wall and in the grass, so back up on the easel I made my move and added the rake,baseball,patio chair and kitchen dinette set.. Now I am done, finished, out-a-hear...
This is the finished painting.  Below you can see the some of the progression but this here is complete.  It is primarily a black & white with shades of gray giving a hint of color in those tones.  The red bicycle is the only real color and to paint this without having it jump out at you there is an under color of dark gray softening the red.  The 36x36" painting is gallery and wrapped and painted on all sides.   For inquires  
schwartztart@earthlink.net And for more on my B&W paintings GoTo



Superb! You've really captured the serenity of the scene with just a gentle rustling of leaves evident in the shadows on the house. Love it! Jeanne

Gerald Schwartz said...

Your description is what I intended to paint. Thank you for seeing it.