Dec 18, 2013

"evening lights"

Another painting from my friends patio thanks to the photograph supplied to me by the lady of the house.  In setting here, enjoying good company, good wine and looking out at this ever changing view I was struck by the fact that if I wanted to just paint skies, the supply of beauty would be endless... Oh well... I'll stick with the few I get to paint... Yes! I'll have another glass please.     This painting in oils an another of my maquette's on 6x6" varnished wood box's.

 Also if one clicks here, my YouTube video of the painting of "evening lights" can be seen.

Dec 15, 2013

Dec 11, 2013


Thanks to a friends eye with her camera, she sent me several photos of this view.  So after a long hiatus, I chose this to paint, it was just what I needed to open the door to madness and love of painting. This breath taking view high-a-top in in the hills of Turtle Rock in Orange County is the view my friends have from there patio.   I have had the pleasure of setting with them sipping on a fine glass of wine looking out at this. This Marquette is a 6x6" oil. I am here to say I am back in the game. (Sold)