Jun 22, 2008



Playing with shapes & color this seamed to fit well with me in my sheer joy of just painting.
8"x6" oil on archival board mounted on a 2 1/2" deep cradled box with no framing needed.

Jun 16, 2008


Just a quick stop at Newport beach before I go and see just how my booth is coming along at the up-coming show... lots of paint on this light hearted seascape.. It is painted on a heavy gesso coated surface that is mounted to a 2 1/2" deep cradled box so no framing needed for this one or any that I do for that matter. schwartzart@earthlink.net

Jun 6, 2008



Gosh! I'm so familiar with this off ramp that it's silly... Just getting to it is an experience all in itself... Beeping horns, fast traffic, big trucks and the crazies of the world all on one freeway and they all want to get off on Barham blvd at the same time... I love LA... I really do... 6"x6" oil on mounted clay board and absolutely no framing needed.

Jun 5, 2008


Just a playful little painting for me and a place I remember. Mel's Diner , not to be confused with Mel's Drive In.. I think if I'm not mistaken, but there is a Mel's "The one I'm familiar with" Hollywood, the Vally, San Francisco, I think Miami... Breakfast at Mel's, "Who could forget" 6"x8" oil on archival board & no framing needed. :schwartzart@earthlink.net

Jun 4, 2008


Summer time on balboa Island in Newport beach. Yet another painting I have done on this place, the palm trees, shadows and the famous ferris wheel keeps me coming back for more... Candy apples, popcorn & runaway balloons, good places to eat, just a great place to have fun on a summer time day. 6"x8" oil on archival board with no framing required. (SOLD)

Jun 2, 2008


Taken from some past photos and a nice change from my urban landscape's I enjoyed the process of this painting. It is a 6"x8" on archival board with no faming needed. schwartzart@earthlink.net