Dec 11, 2016


                                                         INTO SHADOWS
                                                     6x6 oil on wood panel

I  stopped on this path and looked at was just ahead.  The forest of trees became thick, the trees got taller.  I wouldn't swear to it, but I think things got quieter. I felt myself being pulled forward.   I listened to the quiet and slowly sounds of streams and birds filled the air. I smiled as I disappeared into shadows. 

Dec 9, 2016


                                                           SOUND of SILENCE
                                                          6x6" oil on wood panel

We walked for some time talking about this and that and without realizing, we began to speak softly, soon we stopped all together, words where not necessary nor did we want to disturb all that surrounded us; The gurgling of the streams, the songs of the birds, rustling of the fall leaves was all that was needed for the sound of silence.    (SOLD)

Dec 8, 2016


                                                       6X6 oil on wood panel

The late afternoon sun was going down, the air was getting chilly.  I bent down to feel the cool waters and was struck by the sheer beauty and stillness.  Two birds glided lazily in the silence of what seemed a never ending flight.  It was time for me to say goodby.

Dec 7, 2016


                                                       6x6 oil on wood panel

Ever so quietly I moved close to get a better look and this most beautiful of little mallard's that so innocently swam on by.     

Dec 1, 2016


                                                         6x6 oil on wood panel

Standing on the wooden walkway crossing the stream, I peered down into the cool water rippling by and the gathering of fallen leaves.  The soft sounds of the water tumbling mixed with all the songs of birds made for a perfect time to stop and dream.