Aug 9, 2010


I said my goodbye's as the clouds closed in on the mountain and the vanishing light of the day.
One more shot and another painting to be worked out in capturing that elusive light.
This painting is a 6x6 inch on archival board mounted on a varnished wooden box. (SOLD)

Aug 6, 2010


Just another angle and still exploring the shades of grays and the many moods they represent.   (For more on my black & whites) I must say, deciding on the placement of the balloon took a little time.  I knew I wanted red, but where to place it?  A little to the left a little to the right, higher, lower then finely, the balloon was freed at last. Oil on Birch panel, mounted on a 6x6" varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

Aug 3, 2010


Never did like Mayo on my burger, ketchup yes.... Now that that's out of the way I can talk about the painting at hand.  Being in and at the "LAGUNA ART FESTIVAL" I don't get much cooking done, so its eating here and there and at one of these eateries, I thought, Hay! take a photo and paint the crazy thing... So here it is.   Oh! by the way, it was good, Pricey!... but good...  This painting, also a nice departure from my usual style is a 6x6 inch original oil painting on Birch wood that is mounted on a varnished wooden box so it is ready for your wall. 

Aug 2, 2010



So, I go to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen in some time.. I let my friend talk as I was there to listen. I was there not to give advice or opinion, I was there not to judge nor expect, I am there to just listen. I listened to things of the past, I listened to complaints of the present, I listened to fears of the future, I let my friend talk as I am there to listen... We parted with a hug and I promised to return and to listen once again. As I drove off, I turned and spotted the sign high above the grounds, it read "Sunshine Park" nice name I thought, nice name. This is a 6"x 8" oil painting on one of my few remaining archival panels with no framing needed.