Aug 3, 2010


Never did like Mayo on my burger, ketchup yes.... Now that that's out of the way I can talk about the painting at hand.  Being in and at the "LAGUNA ART FESTIVAL" I don't get much cooking done, so its eating here and there and at one of these eateries, I thought, Hay! take a photo and paint the crazy thing... So here it is.   Oh! by the way, it was good, Pricey!... but good...  This painting, also a nice departure from my usual style is a 6x6 inch original oil painting on Birch wood that is mounted on a varnished wooden box so it is ready for your wall. 


Michael Cunningham said...

Funny Painting, I love the fries maybe you should go out for lobster next.

Gerald Schwartz said...

You could be right my friend..
Just had lobster legs last night.. :)