Dec 18, 2013

"evening lights"

Another painting from my friends patio thanks to the photograph supplied to me by the lady of the house.  In setting here, enjoying good company, good wine and looking out at this ever changing view I was struck by the fact that if I wanted to just paint skies, the supply of beauty would be endless... Oh well... I'll stick with the few I get to paint... Yes! I'll have another glass please.     This painting in oils an another of my maquette's on 6x6" varnished wood box's.

 Also if one clicks here, my YouTube video of the painting of "evening lights" can be seen.

Dec 15, 2013

Dec 11, 2013


Thanks to a friends eye with her camera, she sent me several photos of this view.  So after a long hiatus, I chose this to paint, it was just what I needed to open the door to madness and love of painting. This breath taking view high-a-top in in the hills of Turtle Rock in Orange County is the view my friends have from there patio.   I have had the pleasure of setting with them sipping on a fine glass of wine looking out at this. This Marquette is a 6x6" oil. I am here to say I am back in the game. (Sold)

Jul 29, 2013


           Driving around in San Fernando Vally a short time back, it had just stopped raining.
           The sky changing colors with both the clouds moving out and the coming of night, a 
           wonderful clean glow of colors came to life.  The wet streets, head and tall lights 
          repeating on the now shinny streets was a sure thing for this 30x36" painting.

May 11, 2013

Apr 19, 2013


One of the most iconic corners but on a rainy night, photographed in low light and low speed, it became just this wonderful abstraction of colored blurry lights moving through the night.  It was one shot as I had to start driving  thus ending the beeping from the person behind me...  When I got home and was able to see my handy work with camera, I new; it was time for a painting to begin.... This is a 40x34 oil on canvas and will be at the Laguna Arts Festival starting July 1 to Aug 30...   

Apr 11, 2013


After driving for about10 hours and knowing I was wanting to stop soon, get a bite to eat, stretch the legs and find a place to shower and get some sleep.  All those thoughts where running around in my head when I came upon this motel in the  middle of no-place.  I pulled in, got out of my drive, looked around and thought... Nah!.... Keep going....
This is painting was done from a photo taken by a wonderful photographer and friend 
"Marc Evens":   Check him out...
This painting is done on the front of a varnished wooden box, 6x6" by 1.5 in depth, for punches and price email me "AT" (SOLD)

Apr 10, 2013


New painting for this summers show.  I must say this was a labor of love to get it to work like I wanted.   Lots of transformations and many hours of studying just where to place all that is going on.
I worked from lots of photographs to give me the composition  in telling this story.
The painting is 36x36 inches oil on canvas.   This most likely will be shown in the opening night of the show...  I will be posting more in a few days.  Hope you enjoy.  

Mar 16, 2013


6X6 oil on birch wood

Up early heading back into Orange County, I stopped an grab a coffee and doughnut, you know, one of those chocolate glazes, I love those, I don't often stop and.... Sorry for digressing away from my... Where was I!... Oh yeah... heading back to O.C....  I look up and the Hollywood sign is just waking up with the fog despairing  from it along with me.  I get back in my van and start winding my why up La Brea past Melrose tell I find a spot to pull over and take two photos.  Back in my studio I take a look at my handy-work  and here you have it, Hollywood in the morning.  
This is painted on a 6x6" 1.5" deep varnished box and is available.  "AT" (Sold)

Mar 14, 2013


"6x6 oil on birch wood "

This painting is a culmination of different times during the day as the sun moved the shadow's over  the field of mustard flowers.  I just sat and stared it the beauty.  The shades of greens, the soft and evenness of the flowers, the silence, all made everything seem good even if only for a moment. 
I think that is why I painted this, I can return to that time and feel it all over again. (SOLD)

Feb 19, 2013


Some time back I painted this and lost the page it was on...  So I'm presenting it again.
It was taken while I was spending time with my son in Minnesota.  it was a cold day when we went for a walk, I wondered off with camera in hand and photographed this knowing it will be a painting.
This oil on birch wood is 6x8" and set on a 1.5" deep varnished box.  (SOLD)

Jan 27, 2013


LA evening and another ride back home.  I'm driving all by myself lost in thoughts with my CD playing music that I DJ for drives like this.   My love for music is really an eclectic ranging from "Pink Martini" to "Steve Oliver"and "Neil Young"... The bottom line is, music is a big part of my life and is on all the time moving my mind around like clear liquid.  So... driving around listening to music gives me time to think and see colors and subjects I have yet to paint and talk about on canvas.  What can I say... It is the way of my life.  After all, somebody has to do it.  ;-}   
This 6x6" painting is on wood mounted to a varnished 1.5" deep box: "Available At"

Jan 26, 2013

"MY L.A."

There is just something that pulls me back to L.A. otherwise known as Los Angeles.  I grew up in LA with those towering palm trees, blue skies and all that it had to offer at that time in the late 40s, that's right I said late 40s, it even sounds strange to me, but that be the truth and now its 2013 so you do the math.  At that time the streets were field with so many electric and telephone poles with crisscrossing wires so as a kid looking up it seemed crowded.  Now as we travel around there is virtually none, especially with all our iPhone.  I don't even have a house phone, who needs one, we have cable and all those satellites that crowd the skies, we just cant see them now so its all good... Isn't it?   
This painting is an original oil, 6x6" on a wood 1.5" deep varnished box: "Available At"