Jul 29, 2013


           Driving around in San Fernando Vally a short time back, it had just stopped raining.
           The sky changing colors with both the clouds moving out and the coming of night, a 
           wonderful clean glow of colors came to life.  The wet streets, head and tall lights 
          repeating on the now shinny streets was a sure thing for this 30x36" painting.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Love your work and also your commentary....fascinating!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Carol thank you.... It felt good to paint and post... This show I'm in takes all of my time.... Thank you again.

ereeny kamel said...

Hi I recently went to your show at the Laguna Art show and I actually talked to you about "Saturday Nights" I would really appreciate it if you could put up a picture or send it to my email because I need to show it to my Art History teacher.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hi ereeny, it was nice talking with you, hope you do well in your class.

Susan Driscoll said...

Hi Gerald,

I saw your painting, "Blue Moon," at the Wells Fargo exhibit, and thought it was gorgeous!

Suitably impressed,
Susan Driscoll

Gerald Schwartz said...

Susan, thank you so much, there was so much joy in painting this so it is wonderful to hear from you..