Mar 28, 2015


                                                         6x6" oil on wood

The incline is like life itself.  We climb to the top to see what is out there, but we must stop and look around on the trip.   Because there is so much to see, we must enjoy the climb, every bit of it, for we will all get to the top, and the one thing you don't want to say when there is "Did I miss anything along the way?"

Mar 27, 2015


                                                       "DRY GRASSES"
                                                     6x6inch oil on wood

With the city in the distance and miles of dry grasses it was hard to ignore the change in the climate.  It seems I just remember greener times.  Those words we here from the weather reporters, "UNSEASONABLY WARMER" Hmm! I do wonder why.... So! For me, I get to paint some interesting color combinations, rich rusts with good blue backgrounds, big puffy clouds.  All great stuff, don't you think?  Just say'in        

Mar 26, 2015


                                                           "LAGUNA MORNING"
                                                         a 6x6 inch study on wood

After months of painting only my large canvass it feels so good to return to my small studies on wood.  To do these is slowing down my thoughts, working with small brushes, blending and re-blending, all to capture so much in such a small space.  It is both challenging and rewarding.  This big sky is took place one morning with the sun just making its way above the hills in South Laguna Beach, illuminating this band clouds that disappeared to the horizon.   It was a must stop and catch ones breath.  Such a beautiful planet, do take care of her. (Sold)

Mar 21, 2015

Here is #12 for the SCRAPBOOK SERIES"

                                                                   "OFF SHORE"
                                                               30X30 oil on canvas

I'm not sure just when I took this picture, but at the time my thought of painting it was far, faraway.  I was North on the Interstate 5 heading up to Redlands, California when I pulled off onto a little road with a sign that said "DEAD END".  So! I of course had to see where this might take me.   Well, much to my delight, 8 miles into this drive this is what I found.  Taking one photo using film of the time.   Putting this photo away with all the rest of forgotten shots  I found it and said to self, "Hello!" Here is another for my scrapbook series.... Nice find.

Another for the 'SCRAPBOOK SERIES" #11

                                                    "BARBED WIRE & RAINDROPS"
                                                                  30X30 oil

There are times when one is just in the right spot and the right time.  Pulling off on the side of the road, I excited my car to see the sun beginning its journey to the other side of the earth.  I garbed my camera and spotted these two posts in an empty field and thought there's  a nice composition.  Squatting down I took aim and clicked off four photos knowing this is a painting.   The other was raindrops that I truly love painting, putting the two together I new would make a nice painting for my series.