Mar 29, 2010


Here is my 20x20 canvas version taken from my smaller post on March 12.  Check it out at "Laguna 2010"
That is all I'm going to say.  Now its time to paint my small wonders for the Daily's. (Sold)

Mar 26, 2010


Heading back down I stopped to take one last look at the end of winter this year.  I felt the changes in the air coming, not just with the season, but many things, I think what I'm feeling is an anticipation of things to come. This is a 8x6" oil painting on Birch wood, it is mounted on a varnished wooden box: (Gift)

Mar 23, 2010


Oh! How I do love New Mexico. Over the years I have painted the “Blue Swallow” so many times, yet with each time, it’s like painting it for the first time. There is always something new to discover in the process, for one the skies in New Mexico are fantastic, one couples that with great natural and manmade architecture and you cant loss playing with the senses. In painting this, I really had little to do with it, this great motel is setting there with this sky as its backdrop I felt my job was done, after all I got the paints, couple a brushes, Birch wood panel and voilĂ  a painting… The "Blue Swallow Motel" is on Rout 66, a must stop for any traveler. This painting is in oils on Birch paneling with no framing needed, the size is 8x6 inches:  (SOLD)

Mar 17, 2010


This painting is based on the close-up  of one of my larger paintings I  did for my up coming show this summer at Laguna Festival
You can see the original painting I took this section from if you go to Festival 2010
I painted this in oils much like I would a water color painting using lots of transparent colors giving a very soft feel to it.  Being intrigued by the shadows and light flowing through the trees. made for a delightful journey for me.  The size of this is 6x6 inches painted on Birch wood that has been mounted on a wooden box that I varnish.  (Sold)

Mar 15, 2010


I just finished for my Laguna Art Show this summer.   To see the rest of this painting and info on it please go to "Laguna Festival 2010" and see ...  Now back to my small wonders for this site.

Mar 12, 2010


This is so L.A. its silly. This is probably the fourth time I have painted the "Frolic Room" I painted this as a large canvas to my small works for this site.  It always remains a fun subject to capture.   Those living in LA or Hollywood knows this place well.  I cant wait for it to dry so I can varnish making the colors really pop.  If it doesn't sell here on the site I know it is a goner with my show in "Beverly Hills" this May or my summer show in  Laguna Beach at the "Festival of the Arts" coming up July1.  This 6x6" painting is on one of my Birch wood varnished box's:    (SOLD) 

Mar 11, 2010


Driving around at night was wonderful, I had no idea of where we were going at all.  It was like being lost and didn't care, I just sat back and clicked my camera at shadows and stuff of the night.  The coloring in this painting is a deep gray blue background  giving the lights and glare  a warm glow.  The painting is 6x6" on my Birch wood varnished box:

Mar 5, 2010


This is another of my B&W paintings.  The photo I used is from a fellow friend and photographer BRECK ROTHAGE, we are both in the  Laguna Art Festival.  Checkout what he is about.    Breck showed me this photo a year ago and I just got around to painting it today.  It is the same plane used in the movie "Casablanca", you know, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman which is one of the great black and whites of all time.  The plane is a Lockheed Electra from around 1939.  It was sltting at the Atlantic Aviations at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.   This  8x6" painting is on a Birch panel mounted to a varnished wooden box:  (SOLD)