Mar 5, 2010


This is another of my B&W paintings.  The photo I used is from a fellow friend and photographer BRECK ROTHAGE, we are both in the  Laguna Art Festival.  Checkout what he is about.    Breck showed me this photo a year ago and I just got around to painting it today.  It is the same plane used in the movie "Casablanca", you know, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman which is one of the great black and whites of all time.  The plane is a Lockheed Electra from around 1939.  It was sltting at the Atlantic Aviations at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.   This  8x6" painting is on a Birch panel mounted to a varnished wooden box:  (SOLD)


Cara said...


Gerald Schwartz said...

Cara, thank you, It was a painting that I put off for a long time and now finely so thank you again.

Breck Rothage said...

When you sent this to me after completion, I found myself gently shaking my head (in my mind's eye) because it is so cool. It is not the first time over the years that I have done that with your work -- often!

Then, just now perusing your various works I found myself immersed in your incredible works. Trouble is, I tend to be caught spending far too much time and must get back to work myself.

Without going too deep into your collection, my eyes pop out at "Awakening", "School Day", "Property Line" ... and of course what about the plane ... never said "Play it Again Sam".

Funny how that is one of the most famous lines in movie history and it was not even said.

Wonderful work Gerald!! See you at the Festival this summer; looking forward to seeing the stuff for real.


Gerald Schwartz said...

Breck, thank you very much for your most kind words of my work. I could not have painted this one without your fantastic photo. Yes as I was painting it the title revealed it self. See you this summer.