Feb 26, 2008


I must say before I go any further, the coloring in the painting is far better than what I'm able to do with this photo, even working with photo-shop.... I had this photo from last summer and just found it and new here is another painting. 6"x6" oil on board mounted on 2" finished wooden box.

Feb 25, 2008



The title "Just Friends" is for me a metaphor when I began this painting, I saw in it that it was about sharing... Friendships, food, company, bad times, good times and above all "Love". 6"x6" oil on a archival clay board mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box.

Feb 24, 2008


This is in the high country of above San Francisco. The play of light and textures and rhythm and composition that is so perfect captured me and I knew then must paint this and see if I can do it justice. It is an oil on a 6"x8" archival clay board mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box. (Not available) (SOLD)

Feb 19, 2008



This started out as an underpainting and as I looked at it I decided to keep it. It is a departure from what I intended and I'm reminded just how much fun it is to paint. 6"x6" oil mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box.

schwartzar @earthlink.net

Feb 18, 2008



And yet another snow painting and this is coming from a warm climate person, but the colors that happen in this time of day is so compelling to paint that I had to tackle it. Oil on a 6"x6" archival gessoed board set on a 2" deep finished wooden box.

Feb 17, 2008


Up in Flagstaff AZ this winter after a pretty heavy snow storm that blasted through. I painted this loosely on the spot trying to keep from freezing. It has been a long time since I painted this way... This is a 6"x6" oil on archival clay board mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box. schwartzart@earthlink.net

Feb 7, 2008


Another little painting of tweaking just a little more to make the difference... 6"x6" oil mounted on a finished wooden box. (Sold)

Feb 6, 2008


A place I know so well, it is here in five months that I well spend the next two months in one of the best art shows that there is.... 30"x30" oil on canvas

Feb 5, 2008



Here I have a re-worked a painting that I did last month and so I thought , why not post it again? I made enough changes to it, sky, grass, trees and diner... Yes! the food is still good even with my re-painting of it.....I have one more painting that I made a change to and I will be posting that as well. Oil on clay board mounted on a 2" deep 6"x6" finished wooden box .

Feb 3, 2008



This dive on a late cold Thursday night isn't bad to stop, get a drink & nibbles and some small talk. 6"x6" oil mounted on a 2" deep finished wooden box, no frame needed.

Feb 1, 2008



I do love this area of town for I have painted several angles along this stretch with it's stop signs, light pols, telephone pols and endless miles of wires that crisscross this great city makes for some wonderful patterns against the L.A. skyline.