Jun 23, 2014


As the sun kisses the hill top, stretching shadows till they give up letting the light surround  and revel all the beauty in color.  A new daybreak begins.
This is a 6x6x1.5 inch oil on wood, ready t be varnished and presented to the world on July5th at the Festival of Artst    (Sold)

Jun 20, 2014


Not really sure how I come to this photo, but loving it enough to want to paint it.   Taking liberties I changed it enough to make it mine I set out on an interesting journey of colors.  I knew full well I would use this palette again.... So much more to learn, how exciting..
This is a 6x6x1.5 inch wooden varnished box.

Jun 19, 2014


Always a joy to go down to Balboa island and take some photos and maybe get one I would like to paint... Well! I did, I found this lonely little skiff  just bobbin in the water all tide up and no place to go.... I almost felt like taking it out but I refrained, oh well, I'll just stick to painting it.   This is a 6x6x1.5 inch oil on wood mounted to a varnished box ready for a wall in your home.  

Jun 13, 2014


                                                     6x6inch oil on wood

Hanging out in Santa Monica on a summers early evening makes for some naughty foods to eat.   You know!... Hotdogs, hotdogs on a stick, deep fried, yum...  Thus I go down every few years.  See, I love good bad foods, yes its a oxymoron but you get what I mean... 
This is painted on birch wood mounted to a 1.5 deep varnished box ready to hang.  (Sold)