Jul 30, 2010

"POPCORN & PIZZA" an original oil painting

When was the last time you went to a drive-in?  When I went, their wasn't any coolers to bring food in, one ordered a slice of pizza and coke from the food-stand at the drive-in, then went back for popcorn and chocolate raisins, I love the combo still... The movies had new, cartoons then coming attractions and then the movie. The teens had the new girl friend, the parents, kids in the backseats... No cell phones, No Wi-Fi on someones lap illuminating the car... Just popcorn & pizza.  This 6x6" painting is on Birch wood mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing is needed.  This little wonder is going into the "LAGUNA ART FESTIVAL" show I am in this summer.  It must dry first so it will be next week.

Jul 21, 2010


Just a nice departure from my other works I thought I would paint this.  I was down at a wonderful place that has been painted hundreds of times over many years. "CRYSTAL COVE" an enchanting place centered  somewhat between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar, each beautiful in their own way.  Crystal cove is filled with much stories from locals and the Hollywood movie stars from the past, "YES" I have my own stories too but, that's for another time.  Crystal Cove is on the sand with new and used homes, some empty amazingly still standing.  So with all this charm and history, like I said, many paintings are floating around out there... I on the other hand zeroed in on the flowers that are abundant along the path in and around old railroad ties for steps, fences, porches and sand drifts and all, I spotted this beautiful hibiscus minding its own business avoiding foot traffic and the stomping of stray dogs.  I knelt down, said "hello"  and gave honer to its survival by painting it.  This painting is going into the Art Show I'm presently in for another 6 weeks...  ( Not Available)

Jul 17, 2010


Ah Yes! I got to paint yesterday at the show.  I set up my easel and began to do what I love best "PAINT".
It truly felt great to mix colors and feel the paint move across the surface of my birch-wood box's.  My rhythm broken with good conversations with passerby's who stopped to see and then I would direct them to my booth and talk about the Daily Painters, it is wonderful to know how many people are hearing about us, one such lady made it a point to find me as she has been fallowing my posts.  So here is an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING, all done on Birch wood that has been mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing is needed, the size is 8x6 inches. (Sold)