Jul 17, 2010


Ah Yes! I got to paint yesterday at the show.  I set up my easel and began to do what I love best "PAINT".
It truly felt great to mix colors and feel the paint move across the surface of my birch-wood box's.  My rhythm broken with good conversations with passerby's who stopped to see and then I would direct them to my booth and talk about the Daily Painters, it is wonderful to know how many people are hearing about us, one such lady made it a point to find me as she has been fallowing my posts.  So here is an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING, all done on Birch wood that has been mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing is needed, the size is 8x6 inches. (Sold)


Gerard Boersma said...

Nice one Gerald! Cannot believe it hasn't sold yet!

Gerald Schwartz said...

That makes two of us...
Gerard, thanks for stopping by :)