Dec 21, 2007


I sat in my car and waited for the light to get just a little lower so as to get this shot that I felt would make a great subject for a painting... There is a lot of under painting in this giving the coloring and depth I wanted to create this mood. There must be at lest eight different colors in the trees giving an endless array of shades that move in and out pronouncing depth of the forest. Oil on custom made canvas 36"x 30" Soon to be in a gallery.


Just down aways is this quiet inlet and surprisingly some good fishing that can be accomplished. 6"x6" oil on clay board & no framing needed.(Sold)

Dec 15, 2007



So here it is in all its glory... After a long drying time for this I was able to paint the leaves & shadows and just stuff to clean the image up.. I photographed it outside thus the color is sharper then the other shots.... Nice what sunshine can do... This is one of many photos of a journey through meddle America and the places that have some of the best burgers, fries and pies... A 6"x6" oil on clay board finished.

Dec 13, 2007


I do love Long beach, the buildings and the ever changing landscape of this city is wonderful. I lived just up the street from here on broadway, lots of great memories. Oil painting on a 6"x6" 2" deep wooden box.

Dec 12, 2007



Just more of the wetlands and what happens in those quiet moments in time. 8"x8" oil on wood panel.

Dec 7, 2007



I spotted this Airstream sitting off the road and I stopped to admire this baby. I don' know how many I have painted, but there is just something about them that draws me in, I've chosen to paint it as a B&W, it just felt like the right thing to do. It is in oils on a 6"x6" clay board finished.

Dec 6, 2007



I just added the moon in this and a few touches to this previous post so here it is a little a-new. I now feel it has more of the mood that I want after looking at it awhile. This is one of the many farmhouses and a real treat to do as they are disappearing from the landscape. The owner of this one will not sell, he also doesn't have to.. This is a 6"x6" oil on clay board finished.

Dec 4, 2007


How do I not paint her, I've been a part of her, I believe in her. This will be but a small part of a much bigger canvas that I hope to have at the Laguna art show this summer, along with some other Americana icons... A 6"x6" oil on a 2" deep wooden box so no framing is needed. Inquiry to purchase for $135 Go To:

Dec 3, 2007



New York! Cant say much more after one says "New York" One amazing City... This is one from some shots of a recent trip and my spin on turning them into up-coming 6"x6" studies for larger canvases.... I will take a better shot of this but for now, here it is ... I must say I'm excited about these new works, I just have to pulling it off. "Enjoy" Oil painting on a 6"x6" 2" deep wooden box with no framing is needed.

Dec 2, 2007



Playing with the light at this time of the morning was both wonderful and challenging all at the same time. I wanted to give the feeling of thick underbrush and the coolness of the snow.
This 6"X6" oil painting is on a 2" deep wooden box so no framing is needed

Nov 29, 2007


This commissioned painting I just finished was a wonderful departure from my other works.
The size is 50x36 oil on canvas the small blog of this can be seen on this site, it was the study for this painting.... Now that this is completed I can return to my blog paintings..

This is the 6"x6" blog study for the above 50"x36" . The painting now completed I feel it only fitting the owner should have this too, so this is a gift.

Nov 22, 2007



This 6"x6" by 2" deep wooden box where this oil painting resides, is just one more of my tree series that I must do... I am fascinated by the subtlety of light that falls on marshy wooded landscapes making things not so clear. It is this image that creeps into my mind and then I must paint it.

Nov 12, 2007



So now I'm finished. I deepened the clouds, the crossing sign is a little more worn, tracks more defined and some more farms in the distant. Here one can see both paintings, each can stand on there own but together another feeling takes place. They are painted in oils on two 6"x6" gessoed deep cradled box's that require no framing. For pricing, email me

Nov 11, 2007


6"X6" oil on a deep cradled gessoed board,
no framing needed.


One of many a trips into Hollywood on a Sunday morning to beat the traffic and get a table at Canters Deli. The lighting was perfect when I took this shot and couldn't wait to see it painted.

Nov 8, 2007



They are each 6"X6" and painted in oils on a gessoed deep cradled box (read more) No framing is needed. If purchased together I will cover shipping. For inquires, email me.

Here is a diptych that I thought I would paint. It is a study for a larger painting I will be I will be working on for one of the galleries I'm in. That painting will be 64"X20" I felt the subject just lent itself to that size. It is a sunset on the American planes that I took last month...

Nov 4, 2007


6"X6" oil on gessoed board

Not being able to find a phone booth easily anymore I decided when finding this one that I would do it as a nighttime seen hoping to give it a time gone by in making that last call.

Oct 23, 2007


6"X6" oil on a deep cradled box


A place I learned how to fish on up in central California to many years ago.

Oct 17, 2007


6"X6" oil on a deep cradled box
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I thought, I could drive here in NY... Ten minuets on the road, I said to me "Ger, Why you doing this?"... Thus, "Hey Taxi" and leave the driving to them and what an experience that ride turned out to be... If you have not taken a taxi in NY before "DO"

Oct 13, 2007


6"X6" oil on deep cradle box
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I painted the whole surface with the black that I mixed, then began the painting with touches of color to give and enhance the rhythm I wanted in talking about the city, NY.


6"x6" oil on deep cradle box
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I love working on trying to capture what light dose when moving over the landscape. Working out the colors and giving it the feel of a cool morning was an enjoyable process. This is up near a lake Nacimiento in California, a place I learned to fish on.

Oct 11, 2007


6"X6" oil on deep cradle box
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My love of those rainy days and the challenge of working out the colors to give the paintings the mood I felt at that time is what makes me keep going back to the studio to paint more.
This was off the 10 going back to California and home.

Oct 6, 2007


Oil on 6"x6" deep cradled box
(Read about it)


Now here is a hangout that is Hollywood. This bar/club/hangout/dance floor and pick-up spot, has been a part of the scene for a very long time. I was cruising Hollywood blvd one hot afternoon when the never ending traffic along this wonderful strip of life comes to a stop, I looked over to my left and there, parked in the red, is this bike in front of the "Frolic Room" I couldn't have asked for a better set-up if I tried.

Oct 5, 2007


Oil on 6"x6" deep
cradled box
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This is a just one of those times in passing through middle America when time seems to stand still if only for a moment.


7.4"X6' oil on oak


Another fun painting to do gearing up for my land & urban landscapes.

Oct 4, 2007


Hello everyone out there... I just got back from Art Expo in Las Vegas this last weekend with my publicist. They accomplished getting me into a gallery in Santa Fe so things are moving along in that direction thanks to them. So I'm back painting again. I just re-worked two that are on my blog.. One is "First Rains" I added more color in the horizon and softened the rain.. The other is " The Harbor" Here I re-worked the shadows in the buildings and the cars, I like them better.
Here's a new painting just a nice departure from my others. .

7.4"X6" oil on oak (Sold)

Sep 23, 2007


Here is a continuation on a series of painting’s as B&W’s… I make my blacks using different color combinations making the black tones warm or cool, then into this concoction a secret dry dust is added that alters the reflective quality of each painting. This dust I refer to is so light that when mixed into the other colors I must turn off all fans, put a mask on, open the jar and carefully, dip a moist palette knife into the dust removing it slowly, for any fast movement and it will float into the air getting everywhere. I then place it gingerly on the colors and slowly blend until I have achieved the shade I want… Now I add my white and this gives me some wonderful gray tones making each painting unique onto itself. Why you ask? Just the madness of loving what I do.


6"X7.4" oil on oak


Coming into downtown, a bit rain to set the mood and the rest is a piece of cake.


7.4"X6" oil on oak


Love those mountain roads, filled with mystery as I make my way down.

Sep 21, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak block


Now here is a painting that I thought I would do as a daily taken from a larger 36x34 painting I just did for the Vegas Art Expo. I really liked the felling and wondered just how it would work in this size and was pleasantly surprised . I was picking up a friend and as I looked up the tracks there was my next painting coming around the bend.

Sep 20, 2007


7.4"x6" oil on oak block

Here is the other that I re-painted.. The colors are really much richer in-person. I must say, I really like painting on this oak surface… I like cutting the wood, sanding and all, then preparing the surface to accept the oils.. I also just ordered some gessoed panels that are set on a 2” deep frame and are 6”x6” so I’ll see what that looks like, and if I like it, I’ll put them out there…. I do like mixing it up, it keeps it fresh, like doing the daily blogs, makes me think, makes me work, that and some good wine, kick-back with some Latin jazz and let the paint do it’s thing.

Sep 19, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak


Yes! You have seen this one before, but I re-painted the street. After looking at it, I said, "Mr,G, You can do better" Sooo, I'm showing it again and liking it better. I will be showing another that I just repainted, except that one I re did the the whole painting.. There is not to many things in life that one can re-do so I take full advantage of when I can. Hope you enjoy the new and improved.


7.4"X6" oil on oak block


Here was just a fun painting to do and play with texture and contrast.

Sep 18, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood

This time of day the light was soft, the sea was calm. I took one shot, went back to the studio and here you have it.

Sep 9, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak block


It had been a hot muggy summer as I stood looking out at to sea and watched the first rains come in and a spectacular lightning storm that soon fallowed if only brief.

Sep 2, 2007


6X7.4 oil on oak block

Here is the first of many to fallow of my daily paintings. I must say, it feels great to get back painting without any thoughts of doing a show.. Here is the back of a harbor down south and the light that obscured the detail in the buildings giving off some wonderful shadows making this a good subject.

Aug 11, 2007



There is that time in the morning when everything is still, the air, the sounds around you, everything, and then the sun bursts through and its "Hello Morning"

Aug 4, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


A place in Fruta Colorado that I just happen to stop by in and catch this sunset.

Jul 18, 2007


5.9"X5.9" oil on wood panel

High in the hills above Laguna canyon there are some wnderful places to walk, see and think, here is just such a place.

Jul 12, 2007


5.9"X5.9" oil on wood panel


This was on a day trip going up to Big Bear here in CA. A little deferent subject for me to paint but one that I wanted to do. The quietness of the place was amazing.

Jul 11, 2007


5.9X5.9"oil on wood panel


Ah! I got to paint and post a blog.. Here you have one of many of my road trips with the sun going down and the colors of the day becoming just a memory.
PS. I'm right on track with the show.