Oct 4, 2007


Hello everyone out there... I just got back from Art Expo in Las Vegas this last weekend with my publicist. They accomplished getting me into a gallery in Santa Fe so things are moving along in that direction thanks to them. So I'm back painting again. I just re-worked two that are on my blog.. One is "First Rains" I added more color in the horizon and softened the rain.. The other is " The Harbor" Here I re-worked the shadows in the buildings and the cars, I like them better.
Here's a new painting just a nice departure from my others. .

7.4"X6" oil on oak (Sold)


Susan Cox said...

Congratulations on a successful show and the new gallery! Glad to see you back amongst the blog painters too!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Susan, it has been and continues to be a very interesting road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerald...I am on a new laptop and couldn't access my old one to get my links.

Finlly remembered the name of your blog.


Gerald Schwartz said...

hello Sandy, New laptop is a good thing.