Oct 17, 2007


6"X6" oil on a deep cradled box
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I thought, I could drive here in NY... Ten minuets on the road, I said to me "Ger, Why you doing this?"... Thus, "Hey Taxi" and leave the driving to them and what an experience that ride turned out to be... If you have not taken a taxi in NY before "DO"


Cooper Dragonette said...

Great Gerald! Love a good night scene. You've captured that wonderful energy of NYC. And with great color too!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hey Cooper, Thanks, this was fun to paint and I think I pulled it off without getting into all the stuff that was in my photo.

Deborah Paris said...

Very nice nocturne Gerald !(also one of my passions). I love the way the cabs are so close to the front of the picture plane. Really gives you the sense of being in traffic-puts the viewer right in the image.I was just out in Laguna for the Invitational- beautiful place to paint!