May 28, 2014

Final Painting

                                                              "I'M HOME!"
My final and last painting for this summers show was a long time in its making.   You see, I started months ago painting an idea I had for a night scene.   After working on it for three weeks I awoke when it was still dark and decided, "no", that is not what I want.  I painted over all that I had accomplished with this black & white landscape and the same thing happened again, another three weeks came to an end.    To give myself some space from whatever I was looking for, I worked on my small 6x6in studies on wood.   Photographing them I would save the images in my files.  In doing so I found a little painting I did some five years ago.  I stopped dead in my tracks and I knew this is what I was looking for.   I had found the subject and mood I so disparately needed.  Two months of frustrations melted away with each brushstroke as this 36x36 painting came to life.  It was then, I knew I was home at last. 

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May 15, 2014


 Visiting my Son, I drove around with him as he was conducting business.
 He was finding more outlets for his So on this day I was kickback letting him do all the work and I was just able to enjoy his company.
All this was taking place in Minnesota.  Fantastic visual place for me to capture ideas for painting.  We had just turned a corner when there it was, "the corner Drug store"
A painting waiting to happen.  Only needed one photo and here you have the results.
This 6x6inch by 1.5" deep cradled varnished box painted in oil is ready for this summers greatest show here in Laguna Beach.   

May 13, 2014


Just a Sunday walk on the peninsula, camera in hand, letting my mind wonder and hoping something will catch my attention to do some more small painting.  I have been so caught up in working on large canvass, I lost my way with the small studies I so love to do.    Then there it was, the red gleaming in the sunshine.  I focused my camera, cropping all but this.  Click! I got what I needed...  This 6x6inch painting is on wood that has been mounted to a varnished box and is available with a simple email to ME 

May 3, 2014


So I'm in the market looking around for what ells to add to to nights dinner for four.
I'm making my dry rub roast chicken, roasted small red potatoes, a package of my sons "just-add-beer-bread" mix and I'm adding to that caramelized garlic.  It is all going to be good I must say, it was at that point of walking past the veggie part of the store and there they where, peppers, just what I needed, roast these puppies off and I'm good to go...    This painting is a 6x6x1.5inc square varnished box.