Nov 29, 2007


This commissioned painting I just finished was a wonderful departure from my other works.
The size is 50x36 oil on canvas the small blog of this can be seen on this site, it was the study for this painting.... Now that this is completed I can return to my blog paintings..

This is the 6"x6" blog study for the above 50"x36" . The painting now completed I feel it only fitting the owner should have this too, so this is a gift.

Nov 22, 2007



This 6"x6" by 2" deep wooden box where this oil painting resides, is just one more of my tree series that I must do... I am fascinated by the subtlety of light that falls on marshy wooded landscapes making things not so clear. It is this image that creeps into my mind and then I must paint it.

Nov 12, 2007



So now I'm finished. I deepened the clouds, the crossing sign is a little more worn, tracks more defined and some more farms in the distant. Here one can see both paintings, each can stand on there own but together another feeling takes place. They are painted in oils on two 6"x6" gessoed deep cradled box's that require no framing. For pricing, email me

Nov 11, 2007


6"X6" oil on a deep cradled gessoed board,
no framing needed.


One of many a trips into Hollywood on a Sunday morning to beat the traffic and get a table at Canters Deli. The lighting was perfect when I took this shot and couldn't wait to see it painted.

Nov 8, 2007



They are each 6"X6" and painted in oils on a gessoed deep cradled box (read more) No framing is needed. If purchased together I will cover shipping. For inquires, email me.

Here is a diptych that I thought I would paint. It is a study for a larger painting I will be I will be working on for one of the galleries I'm in. That painting will be 64"X20" I felt the subject just lent itself to that size. It is a sunset on the American planes that I took last month...

Nov 4, 2007


6"X6" oil on gessoed board

Not being able to find a phone booth easily anymore I decided when finding this one that I would do it as a nighttime seen hoping to give it a time gone by in making that last call.