Sep 28, 2010


I have seen so many wonderful artist's paint this.  Now, here I am wanting to give my own spin if you will on this "American Icon" "The Baseball".  The thing is, I am not a sports person at all. I don't know one team from another but, what I do know is shapes, composition and color.   I have had this baseball in my studio for years, not sure how I came by it but, that maters not so I approached it with the intent of giving it life. I wanted it to fly through the air like it was intended to do. I wanted it to be a "Home Run". This is an original oil painting on Birch wood that is mounted to a 6x6inch varnished wooden box:  Gift to my grandson

Sep 27, 2010


This last 4th of July at my good friends house in Long Beach, I took this photo hoping to capture something I could eventually paint.  Well, summer has come and gone and now having the time to delve into this along with my fascination with the glare of light and especially fireworks is how this painting came to be.  I do love playing or I should say painting things like this.
This is a 6x6 inch oil on Birch wood mounted on a varnished wooden box:  This painting has been entered into a competition show and is not for sale at this time.  (Sold)

Sep 18, 2010


looking out from the overpass, the setting sun's light melted the surrounding landscape into an evening glare... For me capturing that moment of light is what it is all about. 6x6 inch original oil painting on Birch wood, mounted to a varnished wooden box: (Sold)

Sep 16, 2010


I must confess, I did this painting months ago and as much as I liked it, I didn't love it.  So! I went and painted out the blue sky, clouds, palm tree and darked the wall the sign is on... A real hundred & eighty degree difference.. Its a real place by the way.. lived up the hill from it in Pismo Beach.. So it's a new post. Want to see the original? "Click Here"   This is a 8x6 inch oil on Birch wood mounted on a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

Sep 14, 2010


The last bit of light just before the sun disappears up and around Mt.Baldy and the velvet night takes over. A nice departure in painting this for me capturing the subtlety of shade. 8x6 inch oil on Birch wood, mounted to a varnished wooden box:

Sep 12, 2010


From a trip to Minnesota to see my son.  On the way back to his home a light rain began and I got this shot. Looking back, one is stuck in traffic no-matter where you go. Again my fascination with shapes and light comes through in expressing it on this 6x6inch oil on Birch wood panel mounted to a varnished wooden box:  This painting has been entered into a competition show and is not for sale at this time.  

Sep 10, 2010


Riding around in L.A. on a gray and rainy day was just what I wanted.  So I turn my windshield wipers off, grab my camera and focus on the rain drops gathering and forming wonderful patterns.  The abstract shapes of the background mixed with the hard edges of each reflective drop I knew would make for a fun and challenging painting.  Another 6x6 inch oil painting on Birch, mounted to a varnished wooden box: (Sold)

Sep 9, 2010


Same day with my friend Ralph and a walk at Newport Harbor in Newport Beach CA... This was another of those electric boats called a Duffy... Very popular down here with the calm bay to putter in and around multi million dollar yachts and homes.   Truly an amazing spot here in Southern California.
Oh my! I did digress from what this post was about, my painting.. Will! What I liked about choosing this as a subject to paint was the abstraction of shapes.  I didn't see it when I took the picture but then after looking at it I really began to love what was happening and thus! "The painting".  This is another 6x6 inch oil on Birchwood, mounted onto a varnished wooden box ready for a wall...

Sep 7, 2010


So, I call my friend Ralph and I say "Ralph, what say we launch", Ralph replies, SURE!  I drive over to his house and he is standing outside next to his wheels.  Get in he says, where to?  I suggest "Sabatinos"  some of the best home made Italian sausage around.  Ralph being Italian, his eyes light up and off we go.  After filling myself so I felt like a sausage we walked and talked, my camera slung over my shoulder.  We ended up where all the upper crust of Newport keep their yachts and their little duffy's to just cruse around the harbor.  Not wanting to paint a full on yacht I photograph two little, but charming, duffy's tied to the dock just about 6 feet below the parking lot. This painting is one of them.  I start the other tomorrow.    Oil on 6x6inch Birch wood, mounted on a 1.5 inch varnished wooden box so no framing is required.  (Sold)

Sep 5, 2010


Funny when I'm talking to people from other states and they talk about traffic, I just listen politely as they ramble on of how dreadful traffic is in their state,  I think to myself, they don't come or live here in LA. Now that's traffic. This painting is taken from just one of the many off ramps I've had the pleasure of being on waiting patiently for my turn to move up a foot or two... You have to love it..  This oil painting is a 6x8 inch archival board mounted to a 2" deep varnished wooden box so no framing is needed.


Cold and hungry I had to stop and get just one more shot before the day came to a close.  This was last winter in Minnesota.  I have worked on this on and off and now that my show is over I got to revisit this canvas and make the changes I wanted to months-a-go... I know, I know... its early for a snow scene, but I thought I would post it anyway, after all, its my site.. :) Sure feel good to be back painting..  Oil on canvas 30x36 inch $3200