Sep 7, 2010


So, I call my friend Ralph and I say "Ralph, what say we launch", Ralph replies, SURE!  I drive over to his house and he is standing outside next to his wheels.  Get in he says, where to?  I suggest "Sabatinos"  some of the best home made Italian sausage around.  Ralph being Italian, his eyes light up and off we go.  After filling myself so I felt like a sausage we walked and talked, my camera slung over my shoulder.  We ended up where all the upper crust of Newport keep their yachts and their little duffy's to just cruse around the harbor.  Not wanting to paint a full on yacht I photograph two little, but charming, duffy's tied to the dock just about 6 feet below the parking lot. This painting is one of them.  I start the other tomorrow.    Oil on 6x6inch Birch wood, mounted on a 1.5 inch varnished wooden box so no framing is required.  (Sold)


studio-middle said...

I love this composition. And amazing detail work for a small painting!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello A.H. and thanks for stopping to take a peek at what I love doing..
I do love detail, it makes me look a little deeper into colors and what makes them tick..

Michael Cunningham said...

Simply great! I love the way you attack a painting.