Sep 5, 2010


Funny when I'm talking to people from other states and they talk about traffic, I just listen politely as they ramble on of how dreadful traffic is in their state,  I think to myself, they don't come or live here in LA. Now that's traffic. This painting is taken from just one of the many off ramps I've had the pleasure of being on waiting patiently for my turn to move up a foot or two... You have to love it..  This oil painting is a 6x8 inch archival board mounted to a 2" deep varnished wooden box so no framing is needed.

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Michael Cunningham said...

This painting reminds me of commuting in the rain is southern California when I was the chef at Saint Joseph's Hospital, in Orange County. It's like some of the work you were doing when we met. I love a rainy day, sweet.